A New Beginning ~ A New Chair

It has taken me all of fifteen months to finally get around to buying a proper computer chair since moving to Fife. I’ve been managing on a wooden kitchen chair which is hardly conducive for sitting at  a computer screen for very long. I’ve had fun playing with the height and tilt this morning!

I began writing again spasmodically just before Christmas and I’ve been  working on a few projects for myself and other writers, but this certainly feels the moment of arrival and a time to celebrate.


This is the only room we’ve decorated and furnished here, so I’m chuffed to be up and running at last. Mind you, since moving to Fife, I’ve tried to work on the premise that every event has its own timing. Rush it at our peril.

I’d like to thank DOS Office Supplies in Dalgety Bay, just along the coast from us towards North Queensferry. I’d much rather pop into a place like that and try a chair out than order it over the internet.

My writing space is more functional than my room down south in Bedfordshire but,  even on a dull day like today, the view over The Forth to Edinburgh is quite special and I feel truly blessed.



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7 responses to “A New Beginning ~ A New Chair

  1. How do you find life in Scotland. It is such a beautiful country, although cold in winter. Eve

    • We love it Eve! Everyone has been so welcoming, the air is fresh and the pace of life is far more gentle. Of course there are people we miss, but it is not difficult to visit. The weather ~ we had extremes in Bedfordshire too. You live your life around it.

      • a wise move i am sure for you. I wish I could live up there! Sick and tired of trying to sell here in France. Eve

      • . Poor you. It’s a nightmare when you are stuck like that. We have our fair share of storms up here but the air is so fresh and when the sun shines, like it did today, it makes you happy to be alive! Good luck with your move. Diana

  2. margaretskea Author of prize winning historical novel Turn of the Tide

    Well done – good luck with all the writing you’ll do there.

    • Thank you Margaret. I did enjoy ‘Turn of the Tide’. I’m working on several projects. I need to focus on one now and then ease myself back into historical fiction. There’s so much careful research involved isn’t there. It takes quality time and periods of concentration, rather than dipping into being creative. 🙂

  3. Wonderful scene of fife n ur intresting in dis is admirable.

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