‘What a novel idea ~ to talk to each other’ or ‘A Truly Social Media Free Holiday’

For two weeks every year I like to leave Twitter, Facebook and my blogs behind me and have a total break. I’m getting more and more content with this as the years pass. At first I panicked. I wrote blog posts to schedule automatically and tweets to appear through Hootsuite. You can do all of this if you:

a) pay an expert to do your marketing for you

b) have the time to do so

or c) just cannot bear being silent for a couple of weeks or more.

I used to ask ~ Will my followers get bored and desert me? Will I have to start again when I get back? Will the world still turn without me?

It is strange for the first couple of days. I am tempted to turn on the internet using my smart phone. You may laugh here but I have never had Facebook or Twitter or even email on my phone. Too intrusive on real life. The man in the phone shop raised his eyebrows when he saw that I hadn’t even discovered the App Store.

I resisted temptation for the first couple of days ~only just.

By the third day I started to relax ~ to forget the pull of all of these time sucking activities and then I noticed something which made me smile and frown at the same time.

At restaurants while hubby and I were learning to talk to each other again we noticed whole families who sat at their table glued to their phones, sharing the occasional joke or two they’d read from friends back home. On buses and on the beach too! By the end of the holiday we were even feeling quite smug about it.

In fact, we enjoyed talking so much that we have vowed to turn the TV off during supper each night back at home, to sit opposite each other and chat about our day. It’s been so refreshing for our communication skills and our relationship as a couple. You should try it.

What a novel idea ~ to talk to each other!


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5 responses to “‘What a novel idea ~ to talk to each other’ or ‘A Truly Social Media Free Holiday’

  1. Pat

    Way to go, Diana. Time away from the internet, my blog and social media has been mostly on my agenda this summer. Oh, I check in regularly to answer any comments on my blog and to see if someone ordered some pine cones; but, I found it, like you said, most refreshing. Hubby and I have just been hanging out enjoying each other and the little blessings of life. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it too. 🙂

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly Pat. It’s the sharing of those little but important tings which build a relationship at our time of life. The internet should never interfere with that. All the best Dianax

      • Pat

        Yes, Diana, so true and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Though, can’t help but feel a little guilty sometimes being unplugged. 🙂

  2. I stayed off the internet for the first week of our holiday in Spain this summer. Instead, I did huge amounts of work on my Spanish travel book and completed 4 or 5 songs. Definitely the way to go!

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