Cozy Mysteries? Is it or isn’t it?

ISBN 9780957252080

available on Amazon 

I have just tweeted for someone to explain to me what a ‘cozy mystery’ actually is. A tall order I know in 140 characters. Anyway, a tweeter sent me a link to Wikipedia. I know this may not be the definitive answer but it is certainly a start.

I questioned it because I was wondering if Murder Now and Then’ would come under this category, so let me break this down.



  • Sex and violence are downplayed or treated humourously  ~ certainly there are no explicit sex scenes and the violence is not graphic to the extreme
  • The crime and detection takes place in a small and intimate community ~ in Murder, Now and Then, this is certainly true on the whole and the book has been likened to Midsommer Murders ~ say no more!
  • The detectives are nearly always amateurs ~ No, in Murder Now and Then the detection is undertaken by police officer, although they do not always work ‘by the book’
  • The book revolves around the amateur detective’s hobby ~ not true and yet there is an underlying theme of an interest in family history which binds the characters together
  • The murderers are not psychopaths or serial killers and are usually known in the community ~ true
  • There is little or no profanity ~ true
  •  Emphasis is on puzzle solving and suspense ~ true
  • There is a great deal of humour ~ not true

The verdict ~ six out of nine are true. I believe that readers who love cozy mysteries will enjoy Murder Now and Then even though it does not quite fit into the category.

With 24 good or excellent reviews so far, why don’t you give it a try and let me know what you think?


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2 responses to “Cozy Mysteries? Is it or isn’t it?

  1. The reviews do look good for your book. I remember reading in a Writer’s Digest a few years ago what Penguin Random House and Berkley Prime Crime looked for in a Cozy. It was a good article that really explained what works and what does not. With authors weighing in.

    • Those who love my books are so positive Patricia but I feel to reach an even wider audience I wanted to understand where the novel sits. You see, it is not blood and gore and I find swearing quite hard to handle when reading so I certainly don’t write it either and yet I’m not sure Murder Now and Then is cozy ~ it has a sinister edge to it. I do feel that cozy mystery readers would probably be my main target though. Since my next mystery is in the same vain I hoped to be better prepared. Would you like a free copy to read and review. D

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