Celebrating Scottish Authors December ~ The Death of Bees by Lisa O’Donnell

Death of BeesThis was a Kindle purchase although I have seen The Death of Bees in Waterstones. Wow, what a powerful beginning which hit me and intrigued me. The former emotion was not a positive one. The first chapter is intended to revolt.

Fortunately I was so intrigued that I continued to get to know the characters well. The novel is unusual in that each chapter is written in the voice of a different person. Marnie and Eve, two teenage sisters, have a deep dark secret  leaving them to fend for themselves. The contrasting qualities of the girls would highlight the angst of any normal teenage life. This however draws the reader in, with all the more empathy to their plight, due to their dire circumstances.

There’s Lennie the kindly neighbour and the long lost Grandfather who causes further tugs in their lives and several other lesser but pivotal characters. All in all The Death of the Bees had me gripped to the very end. Be prepared to be shocked though.

The Death of Bees is set in Lisa O’Donnell’s city of Glasgow.

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