Reviews Arrive by a Variety of Modes ~ Revel in them all! 5 STARS *****

thank youI’ve received three reviews in the past week for ‘The Healing Paths of Fife.

The first review I’m thrilled about was by email and is now on Amazon:


12 January 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book; chosen because of an ancestral interest in Fife. I have walked the coastal path where the author was drawn to and can understand how her imaginative mind become active. It is for me a book that I shall read more than once for I need to visit Fife in mind and body as often as possible.’


The second one was spoken directly by a lady in the Burgh who is in Kinghorn in Bloom.

         ‘I loved your novel. It was one of those books which you could curl up with on the sofa and just enjoy. Heart warming!’

The third review came over the phone by a college lecturer I’ve kept in touch with over the years from Keswick Hall College of Education. (is it really over 40 since I entered college life?) Now, it is the first time I’ve spoken to this man for several years.

‘Your writing is very beautiful Diana. A most unusual book.’     

Many thanks to all of you who take the trouble to write reviews, ring or even say what you think in person about novels. All authors everywhere are eternally grateful because many of us suffer from a lack of confidence and it inspires us to continue writing.

ps My next novel is all but complete now. How exciting!!!


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2 responses to “Reviews Arrive by a Variety of Modes ~ Revel in them all! 5 STARS *****

  1. margaretskea Author of prize winning historical novel Turn of the Tide

    Well said, Diana. I’ve been thinking a wee bit about reviews this week, following a wee discussion on the subject on FB – it inspired (if that’s the right word) me to go to Goodreads to see what negative reviews I have there. A couple were definitely ‘ouch’ e.g.(full text): ‘a thud, not a bang’ – folk are fully entitled to have and express their opinion, but one amused me – something I never thought I would get – my first book described as a ‘soppy romance’. Anyone who knows me and my writing will probably share my amusement. It certainly makes the point that as writers we are not in control of what readers find in our books!

    • I totally agree Margaret. I once had a review about grammatical errors when the novel had been fully copy edited and proof read by a company who works for mainstream publishers. I went back to them and explained and the manuscript was looked at by a different person who could find no errors at all. I love reviews but there can be a hidden agenda. ‘soppy romance’ ~ ridiculous. You’ve got to laugh. It’s lovely when you are encouraged though. Can’t beat it Margaret. 🙂

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