Scottish Author ~ Book Review ~ Shadows in the Stone by Diane Lyn Mc Gyver

01dlmcgyver-shadows-in-the-stone.jpgAn adult fantasy of dwarfs, elves, half castes and hauflins. A tale of love between adopted daughter and father Corporal Darrow, but also his unexpected unrequited passion for Alaura, a half breed enchantress who aids Darrow in bringing up Isla in Aruam Castle. All is not harmony at the castle as the balance in society between peoples is undermined by evil forces.

The pivotal moment is when Isla is kidnapped by her natural father, a vagabond and thief. Taking leave of his post at the castle, Darrow sets off on the long and tumultuous journey in search of Isla, who he feels is his own.

This was quite a different novel to my recent reads but none the less enjoyable; gripping at times. There is a lesson about a successful society here, of folks of various backgrounds getting on with life, being so quickly destabilized.

Most enjoyable and I look forward to Diane Lyn Mc Gyver’s sequel.

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