Scottish Author ~ Book Review ~ Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd

Today’s book review takes us back in time to an author who has long left this earth and yet her compelling words live on in the mountains of Scotland which she called home.

41XMWhNm3lL._AC_US218_Scottish Author Review ~

Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd

What magical prose! This little white book caught my eye whilst browsing in Jenner’s in Edinburgh, and I have been enthralled ever since, transported to every nook of The Cairngorms of Scotland through Nan Shepherd’s eyes and pen.

Before the word ‘mindfulness’ was included in the British psyche, and at the end of World War II, Nan Shepherd shared her knowledge, awe and devotion to the mountain range she explored throughout her life. This is certainly a mindful piece of prose, meditating on the mountains, glens, tarns, lochs, waterfalls and streams, but also on the flora, fauna and fundamental effects of the changeable weather elements.

To say this work is beautifully written is understating its appeal. Nan Shepherd’s love, and yet more than that her respect for all that surrounded her,  is compelling. A must read for walkers as well as mountaineers, but also for those who just stand and stare to appreciate this region of Scotland.

No one knows the mountain completely who has not slept on it. These moments of quiescent perceptiveness before sleep are among the most rewarding of the day. …Up on the plateau, light lingers incredibly far into the night … Watching it, the mind grows incandescent and its glow burns down into deep and tranquil sleep.”

What better way to dream our way towards Christmas thinking of snow covered mountains!



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