Scottish Book Review ~ CORRAG by Susan Fletcher

Although Susan Fletcher is not Scottish, this last review of 2018 is so entwined in the heart of Scottish history and tragedy, that it holds a special place in my admiration. (added to which it is well researched.)

CorragCorrag, called ‘Witch’ by some, fled Hexham in England and headed north, to avoid capture and almost certain death. Following instinct and through many trials along the way she stumbled upon Glencoe, where she made her home. Due to her knowledge of herbs and plants and her power of healing she was adopted by the Mac Donald clan and witnessed the terrible massacre.

Imprisoned and preparing to die she tells her story to an Irish minister. Corrag is her own account of her life.

This tale is gripping, moving to the point of filling your whole spirit and mind as you read. The novel is beautifully written, describing the mountains Corrag so loved in a way to transport you to its peaks and valleys, both emotionally and physically.

I borrowed Corrag from Kinghorn Community Library but will buy it to read it again in the future. Pure magic!


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