Book Launch ~ a Positive Postponement

A sense of peaceA Positive Postponement

I had intended to launch my new novel this autumn. This promise has been hanging over me until just now, when I read one of my favourite blogs for information, hints and advice regarding self publishing.


This suddenly set me free. I’m nowhere near ready for a book launch this autumn and I suddenly decided to postpone it. No guilt, no anxious fretting ~ just peace.

Family Comes First

Family matters have been taking up 90% of my time of late and in the end family comes first. Instead of being disappointed it has made me quite excited, because out of the fog of indecision and thanks to I now have a plan to follow.

Proper Preparation for a Book Launch

You see, I’ve been going to write a plan for weeks now, but I have just never found the time or the space to think.

I hope my new novel will be published in the spring of next year but meanwhile I’ll let you know each step I’m taking to make it ready. Instead of being depressed about this I feel empowered.

I hope this post can be an encouragement to others.

best wishes



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2 responses to “Book Launch ~ a Positive Postponement

  1. That would be me, too, though I have delayed ten years. You are right about family. It is a choice I made 60 years ago.

    Sometimes is ask myself: Have I wasted time? I don’t think so. For one thing, I know my character is liked by the reception she got in book #1; second, I have written four more and drafted a sixth for the series. (It will require a trip to Scotland.) At present, I am casting about for the right publishing partner, since our financial planner mentioned that a tax break is available even if I don’t earn an income from my efforts. In any case, I enjoy the project and feel that it keeps me learning and honing my skills. I Google a lot. I look at maps. The reading in my genre (mystery fiction) teaches me a lot of tricks, but also convinced me I am not a bad mystery writer. If I can get these into e-book form and get my name “out there,” I will start building a platform for my next big project. Or re-building, considering the ten year gap since I published Sophie Redesigned (which I also have rewritten as Mrs. George Meets Her Moxie.
    And my family is doing well.
    Good wishes to you, Diana.

    • Hey Karen Great to hear from you again. Yes, it is a tough decision to make, but I feel at peace about it, so it must be the right one for me at this time. My parents are very elderly and have been diagnosed with dementia. I just cannot focus on writing and a book launch when I cannot give it my full attention. Good luck with finding the right publisher. Do send me an email to let me know how you get on and if you are visiting Scotland please get in touch. You never know, we could meet in Edinburgh. all the best and thank you. Diana

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