A Boy from the Streets by Maria Gibbs

I have just finished reading this powerful book, perfect for a wet and windy Sunday when I was self indulgent and read for a few hours.

Twins were born in a hospital in Brazil as their parents had to flee their homeland escaping to England. Carolina was distraught as she left them behind even though she was reassured that they would be cared for. Unfortunately only one twin was adopted by a wealthy family, whereas the other twin was left on the street.  They were teenagers before Jose’s parents began to search for his lost brother just at the time as Jose’s natural parents risked returning to Brazil.

The story is written from several points of view which gives you a complete picture of their individual lives and the mixed emotions each character is experiencing. The imminent danger, the contrast between the rich and dire poverty and the heart rendering decisions made ‘keeps the reader on their toes’ as the plot twists and turns.

A Boy from the Streets is a well written complex novel which had me gripped ’til the end.


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    This is a wonderful Book Review from Diana Jackson of a book series we absolutely love by author Maria Gibbs. The Children From the Streets Series is one to check out. Inspired by True Life Events.

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