Book Review ~The Ears of the Cat by Roderick Hart


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The Ears of the Cat

By Roderick Hart

‘The Ears of the Cat’ is a thriller involving a group called Future World who believe that the only way to deal with over population in the world is to release a bird flu virus. Files of the virus are stolen successfully from a lab, communication is made through Wattsapp, which the group believe to be safe, and agents from different organisations, with orthodox methods and decidedly otherwise are on the case. (Personally I found some of these methods hard to stomach until right was addressed later in the novel).



It was a gripping yarn and although, in many ways, I was a reluctant reader, since we are currently awaiting a possible epidemic or worse, my inner voice compelled me read to the very end.

A very well written novel, so close to the truth it was entirely believable. (unfortunately!!)

The title is apt and very clever!

Author Roderick Hart has enjoyed a varied life in interesting places around the world, but currently he lives with his wife in Edinburgh.

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