Homelessness ~ So Much Need but Some Good News in London

homelessI had intended to do a series of blog post about the issues which arise in my new novel, MISSING Past and Present, because they are close to my heart. These include Homelessness.

Dorothy, my protagonist, found herself homeless through no fault of her own, but she discovered a safely net. Some people are not so lucky at the moment.

I had no idea at the time of writing the novel that we would be facing such a crisis as Covid 19 now, but I’m going to begin this series nevertheless, by looking towards London, the epicentre of this crisis in Britain, in search of some good things that are happening to relieve the suffering:

1 Centrepoint in London continues to offer support for homeless young people. They give a roof over their heads and assist them if they are self isolating due to the virus. Being homeless in London is tragic at the best of times but now things are desperate. Read about some of the people here: Centrepoint.org.uk

Single Homeless Project is another positive story of so many lives changed for the better. This is what they aim to do at the Single Homeless Project, but if you would like to read some heart warming stories, do pop on to their website: https://www.shp.org.uk/

More than 1,000 homeless Londoners made safe

‘SHP is working with local government and charity partners across the capital to keep the city’s rough sleepers safe amid the COVID 19 pandemic. It is a charity which not only gives support but aims to transform lives.’

And finally another good news story:

3 Rough Sleepers in London Given Hotel Rooms in the crisis

Visit Stuart Bramhall’s blog post to read about it.

In every town and village across the country community spirit is shining through this period of darkness and fear and so it is also with the most vulnerable in our society. There are many ideas for raising money on each of the websites, or if you have any cash to spare then you can donate to support this vital work.

While I was writing about Dot (Dorothy), her resilience and fortitude guided her through the most traumatic of times, but she lived in the countryside surrounding the little imaginary country town of Drumford, so like many English market towns of today. Due to her location, her issues were quite different to these poor folks in London and so I’ll address them in the next post.


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