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Announcing ~ MISSING Past and Present Coffee Pot Blog Tour

Many many thanks to Mary Anne Yarde for organsing:



MISSING Past and Present by Diana Jackson

(Links to the actual blog posts will be updated here each day next week)

MONDAY 6th APRIL 2020 ~ Derek Birks presents a book review on                       

TUESDAY 7th APRIL 2020 ~ Diana Robino will host a guest post on

WEDNESDAY 8th APRIL 2020 ~ Mary Ann Bernal will host an author interview with me on

THURSDAY 9th APRIL 2020 ~ Mercedes Rochelle will host a spotlight on

Also on THURSDAY Mary Morgan will host an interview with me

FRIDAY 9th APRIL 2020 ~ Emma Lombard will host a spotlight on

Many thanks to all of the authors who are participating. I am looking forward to the tour!

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Getting in the Zone ~ Small Steps to Book Marketing

Inspiration for Book Marketing

I’ve just been inspired by an article by Sandra Beckwith on book marketing, posted on the wonderful blog The Book Designer.

3 Ways to Get Past What’s Holding You Back

Sandra goes beyond looking at what holds you back in marketing but she also explores how to break free in a positive way. These are my thoughts and my resolutions inspired by the post. I do recommend you reading the original post, which is packed with ideas, but if you come to write your own resolutions I’d love to hear from you. Here are my three resolutions:

Getting in the Zone ~ Essential First for Book Marketing

The post brought to mind the wonderful Carol from Kirkcaldy Curves

who talks about ‘Getting in the Zone’ as far as keeping fit and losing weight and I believe that the same applies to book marketing, or writing for that matter.  Life gets in the way, its true, but I have no hesitation in finding time to write when I’m in the middle of a project, so why is marketing so hard? Carol explains that sometimes it seems impossible to be motivated to lose weight, plan meals and exercise enough, but its all about changing our mind-set. I think doing what you enjoy helps.

Since living in Scotland I’ve learnt to love a good blether. I enjoy the banter on Twitter when you connect and I’ve been told that the #writingcommunity are great for feeling connected to like minded folks. I have my twitter ‘friends’ with whom I’ve built a connection over the years, but since leaving behind The Ampthill Writers’ Group, I’ve never really felt part of a community of writers and I must admit that it sounds fun. This, then is going to be one of my aims in the next few weeks; one to look forward to.

Setting Small Steps for Book Marketing

Going with the above analogy, a crash diet may work but often that approach doesn’t last and is unsustainable. It’s the long consistent effort which really works. It’s a mindset and one of the bits of advice on Sandra’s post which struck a chord with me was small steps.  Set yourself manageable tasks. OK, so apart from getting to know the #writingcommunity and all the good karma which goes with supporting others, I’m going to set myself a book marketing task each week. This week I plan to use the little video I had made a couple of months back but have been remiss in using it ~ so here’s the link:

Murder Now and Then Promo

Click on photo to view book on Amazon (universal link)

Regular Blog Posts for Book Marketing

All of the advice about blog writing is that you should be consistent, write regularly and as frequently as you can. This is one area I often let slip, but with the ability to schedule blog posts with WordPress it should be easy enough to do this. I do try to schedule posts when I am on holiday.

I find blog posts are a way to connect and give information, which hopefully folks enjoy, rather than just as a book marketing tool. New readers of posts I wrote a while back show that search engines work and give me such a surprise when I get an email or message.

There are times in life when the needs of the family or work commitments must come first and at those times it is impossible to keep to a plan, but while I am awaiting the right time to launch my next novel I’m going to  attempt the above, achievable steps. (I think they are anyway!)

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Why Authors Blog

On Twitter today @womewritersnet wrote:

‘This week we’ve been tweeting about how to enable our writing to reach a wider audience and has been recommended. Does anyone have experience of hosting guest blog posts or writing them? Can shared posts help to reach new audiences? Tell us your experiences.’

…and so here’s my response as to why I blog:

I enjoy honing my skills in writing small articles

Even if I’m not in a writing fiction mode, due to time and other commitments, writing a blog is a great way of writing to an audience. It has to be of a professional nature and so it’s a discipline too. Always re read and revise before pressing publish though ~ I’ve had a couple of ‘ouch’ moments on looking back, so it’s best to save it for later if you run out of time.

A Blog Reaches unexpected audiences ~ it is two way traffic

My blog is a channel through which the most unexpected people find me. I’ve had emails from folks who have done a casual search and read about the background to my writing. Each is enthusiastic to tell me such wonderful things~ like the man who was the last Lighthouse Keeper on Les Casquets. So many of these people over the years often go on to being my readers too.

It increases your rating on search engines

I really don’t understand the technicalities of it all but I do know that the more you blog, the more you have guests on your post, or reblog interesting posts, and the more you are a guest on another blog the higher your profile. I’m sure you have tried search for your name on Google. I reached the top in searches for ‘Diana Jackson’ for a quite a while when I was totally committed to social media. I have lapsed rather due to time constraints, but it is worth the effort in the few months around launching something new.

If you write a guest post on an established blog you are bound to reach a wider audience

Though my blog is established I have lapsed of late in writing regularly. There are really good blogs out there which accept guest posts. It is best to write new material, but don’t despair ~ you can reblog it on your own platform a few months later for greater reach. It should also have the knock on affect that readers of your guest post will click on a link to your book and own blog too.

The WordPress family is great

It’s worth taking time to read other people’s blogs and like them, if you do. We need to support each other here.

Writer’s Karma

I’m a great believer in Karma. You write a review of someone else’s book or take the trouble to get to know them and you feel less isolated. The writing community is a supportive one, if you find the right channels.

You don’t always have huge ratings

Your stats can be disappointing at times. The highest number of people to read my blog in one day was just under 200 and sometimes it is only a handful, but I try not to be too disheartened. Often my posts are read months or years later through search engines ~ that’s why your categories and tags are vital. If a post says ‘uncategorized’, the writer has missed a wonderful opportunity to be found with the best key words. My best rating was for a post, ‘You can’t snuggle in bed with a Kindle’ years ago. Now I do just that from time to time, although I still prefer a real book if given the choice.


As a writer returning to the fold, as it were, it is not easy getting back into the habit of blogging and, yes, it can take up valuable time, but for writers with an Indie press, who have not got the huge arm of a major publisher behind them, it is a valuable tool for getting out there and noticed.

Who knows what surprises you might have!

Do tell me about them and share if you can…



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