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North Queensferry ~ The Village of Three Bridges ~ Diana’s Virtual Tour of the Kingdom of Fife

DSCN4443[1].jpgThe villages of three bridges, North Queensferry (and Queensferry ~ the better known tourist spot across the water) have always been the key places to view the famous Forth Rail Bridge.


On our first visits there were only two bridges, including the 1960’s road bridge, but now of course you have the majestic Queensferry Crossing too, which is akin to enormous white sails reflected the sunlight.


I remember driving into North Queensferry in search of a Sunday Roast, only to be sent across the water to The Hawes Inn; the place where Robert Louis Stevenson allegedly wrote Kidnapped. Incidentally, we had a wonderful meal there; the span of the burnt orange  bridge filling our view as we ate.

In North Queensferry, however, there are two pubs which serve food, a restaurant ~ ‘The Wee Restaurant’ which has been mentioned on TV recently, and also a bistro which we usually frequent. It is also the site of the Deep Sea World Aquarium, which we have yet to enjoy, since we are waiting for a younger visitor to impress on a wet day!

For me, North Queensferry was the beginning of my walk in earnest along the Fife Coastal Path all the way to St Andrews. The official path does, in fact, begin at the Kincardine Arch which we have seen from the road, and finishes at the Newburgh Arch. We have yet to participate in these pleasures.


It was on the cliff above North Queensferry, as we looked down on the Cunard Queen Elizabeth moored near the Forth Rail Bridge, that we met a couple who had recently moved to Fife. The lady’s words have remained in my mind,’

‘We seem to have our own eco climate here on the Fife Coast along the Forth, with lots of sunshine.’

(Author Diana Jackson enjoys researching social history and this inspires her writing. Her latest release ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’, a fantasy / memoir, reflects her growing love for the Kingdom of Fife.)


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Diana’s Virtual Tour of the Kingdom of Fife ~ Lower Largo

For each of my books I have written virtual tours of the places which have inspired me to write, and Fife is no exception. My tour will be in chronological order rather then geographical, as I discover, explore and come to love this region of the UK.

DSCN4412.JPGI will begin in Lower Largo.

I was visiting my husband one weekend. He was commuting from Bedfordshire to Dunfermline each week and so I flew up to join him.

On the Saturday we went for out a drive.

‘Let’s have a look down there,’ I said, when I noticed a ‘to the beach’ sign from the main road along the coast. It was time for coffee anyway. There we stumbled upon a magical place, reminiscent of Cornwall years ago, before the floods of tourists descended. It was early May in 2013.

DSCN4411.JPGWe stood gazing along the beach for a while towards the peninsula, which pointed out towards North Berwick on the south coast of The Forth. Rocks and sand stretched for what appeared to be miles into the distance. Behind us was a small harbour, The Crusoe Inn Hotel and a viaduct which framed quaint cottages, like a backdrop for an Agatha Christie movie.

We breathed in deeply, hubby after a week’s rewarding but challenging work, and me after a stressful time at college and delayed flights the previous evening. A welcoming coffee at The Crusoe next revealed Lower DSCN4410Largo’s claim to fame as the birth place of the real Robinson Crusoe, Alexander Selkirk. Old ‘letters’ adorn the walls of the hotel and you can even ‘walk’ on a footprint of the man himself.

I was so charmed by all of this, my natural curiosity inspired, and thus I began my first research into the history of Fife, the Kingdom I now call home.

(Author Diana Jackson loves researching social history and this inspires her writing. Her latest release ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’, a fantasy / memoir, reflects her growing love for the Kingdom of Fife.)


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Paperback Book Launch ~ The Healing Paths of Fife

DSCN3925[1]Although ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’ came out on kindle in April, it has only just been launched as a paperback to be available for order though any good bookshop.

Available through:

Waterstones                          Amazon UK              

To celebrate its conception it could not be more fitting but to hold my first public sale at Kinghorn in Bloom Christmas Fair

At Kinghorn Church Hall

                                                  On Saturday 11th November

                                                From 10am to 12.30pm.

Do pop in and have a chat, buy a signed copy and browse the other lovely stalls.


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