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Next Three Challenges to Getting in the Zone ~ More Small Steps to Book Marketing


Small Steps to Book Marketing Review

A month ago on my blog post ~ Getting in the Zone~  I set myself three challenges so how am I doing?

  1. To get to know the #Writing Community on Twitter, because the writing world can be a bit lonely having moved away from your support group.


#WritingCommunity are a lively bunch of folks always asking fun questions about writing life, your characters and your novel or current project. @JuliaColbourn @Marylee MacDonald and @LombardEmma I’ve connected to most. Great encouragers!

2.  To write regular blog post.


I’ve really succeeded in this one, my post ‘Getting in the Zone, being the most read but I’ve just set up a campaign to sell ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’ in aid of Kirkcaldy Foodbank and this has generated an abundance of posts quite naturally.

3. To use my Book Trailer for ‘Murder Now and Then’


I’m afraid I posted it on twitter once and on Facebook and then forgot all about it.

As the song goes, Two out of Three ain’t Bad.

My next Three Book Marketing Challenges

  1. Follow Back

Over the years I have become very remiss at following back folks on Twitter. At first this was so that I could see the people’s tweets I wanted to see, which is all very well, but it is not very kind, so I’ve decided to follow back and try to set up Lists so that I can see those with whom I interact with most. Here are instructions I just googled:

To create a List:
  1. Visit your Lists page via the gear icon drop-down menu or by clicking Lists on your profile page.
  2. Click Create List.
  3. Name the List & provide a description.
  4. Designate the List as Public or Private.
  5. Save the List.

     2. Quiz

Set up a quiz so that I can practice using forms and email and begin to get a real buzz with people on Facebook and Twitter.

   3. Hootsuite

Relearn how to use Hootsuite. It looks soooo complicated now since I used it three years ago, but to put it simply, it allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook posts so that you can rationalise your free time but keep a presence. That does not mean that all my posts will be scheduled. I love the banter of Twitter and Facebook in real-time too, and that is so important but it certainly helps time management.


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The Healing Paths of Fife ~ in Aid of Kirkcaldy Foodbank

Why Does The Kirkcaldy Foodbank Need Our Help?

I love living in Scotland, particularly in Fife, and yet I am increasingly aware of the inequalities in this region and have volunteered to make up food parcels for Kirkcaldy Foodbank for well over two years now. What I find most astounding is that the need is growing. Universal Credit, piloted in an area of high deprivation, has compounded the difficulties families and individuals are facing and the Foodbank is struggling to keep up with demand. Given no government funding they rely solely on generous donations of food and money.  This got me thinking:

What else can I do to Support Kirkcaldy Foodbank?

I decided that I could do more and so:

During November and December 2019

any royalties for copies of ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’

sold on Kindle worldwide will go to

Kirkcaldy Foodbank

Click on photo for universal Amazon link to The Healing Paths of Fife

Here is a video which gives you glimpses of The Fife Coastal Path, the journey I walked on and the unusual folks from history who I met along the way and enjoyed a wee blether with.

The Healing Paths of Fife Video

Facts about Kirkcaldy

“Kirkcaldy Area is among the most deprived areas of Fife, with 23 of 80 datazones in the area
featuring in the 20% most deprived for Scotland (SIMD 2016). Across Kirkcaldy area, 15.3% of the
total population is income deprived (compared to 12.4% for Fife), while 13.0% of the working age
population is employment deprived (compared to 11.0% for Fife).”

quote from Local Area Strategic Assessment 2018

“Kirkcaldy Children are the Poorest in Fife

quote from Fife Today 2018

Please Click on the link to buy ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’

I have had wonderful feedback about this fantasy/memoir of mine, and so I ask you to spread the word. It is only £2.99 in the UK and $3.72 in the USA. If you’ve read it already then please spread the word. If not please buy it for a good cause and let me know what you think.



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Getting in the Zone ~ Small Steps to Book Marketing

Inspiration for Book Marketing

I’ve just been inspired by an article by Sandra Beckwith on book marketing, posted on the wonderful blog The Book Designer.

3 Ways to Get Past What’s Holding You Back

Sandra goes beyond looking at what holds you back in marketing but she also explores how to break free in a positive way. These are my thoughts and my resolutions inspired by the post. I do recommend you reading the original post, which is packed with ideas, but if you come to write your own resolutions I’d love to hear from you. Here are my three resolutions:

Getting in the Zone ~ Essential First for Book Marketing

The post brought to mind the wonderful Carol from Kirkcaldy Curves

who talks about ‘Getting in the Zone’ as far as keeping fit and losing weight and I believe that the same applies to book marketing, or writing for that matter.  Life gets in the way, its true, but I have no hesitation in finding time to write when I’m in the middle of a project, so why is marketing so hard? Carol explains that sometimes it seems impossible to be motivated to lose weight, plan meals and exercise enough, but its all about changing our mind-set. I think doing what you enjoy helps.

Since living in Scotland I’ve learnt to love a good blether. I enjoy the banter on Twitter when you connect and I’ve been told that the #writingcommunity are great for feeling connected to like minded folks. I have my twitter ‘friends’ with whom I’ve built a connection over the years, but since leaving behind The Ampthill Writers’ Group, I’ve never really felt part of a community of writers and I must admit that it sounds fun. This, then is going to be one of my aims in the next few weeks; one to look forward to.

Setting Small Steps for Book Marketing

Going with the above analogy, a crash diet may work but often that approach doesn’t last and is unsustainable. It’s the long consistent effort which really works. It’s a mindset and one of the bits of advice on Sandra’s post which struck a chord with me was small steps.  Set yourself manageable tasks. OK, so apart from getting to know the #writingcommunity and all the good karma which goes with supporting others, I’m going to set myself a book marketing task each week. This week I plan to use the little video I had made a couple of months back but have been remiss in using it ~ so here’s the link:

Murder Now and Then Promo

Click on photo to view book on Amazon (universal link)

Regular Blog Posts for Book Marketing

All of the advice about blog writing is that you should be consistent, write regularly and as frequently as you can. This is one area I often let slip, but with the ability to schedule blog posts with WordPress it should be easy enough to do this. I do try to schedule posts when I am on holiday.

I find blog posts are a way to connect and give information, which hopefully folks enjoy, rather than just as a book marketing tool. New readers of posts I wrote a while back show that search engines work and give me such a surprise when I get an email or message.

There are times in life when the needs of the family or work commitments must come first and at those times it is impossible to keep to a plan, but while I am awaiting the right time to launch my next novel I’m going to  attempt the above, achievable steps. (I think they are anyway!)

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