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New paperback cover available for bookshops

Celebrating new book cover which will be familiar to many of you as the kindle book cover used since publication of

Murder, Now and Then:

3Dcover MNAT

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@LoveBedford @MannersPR … and The Swan Hotel – Thank you!

@LoveBedford does so much to promote life and businesses in the county town on Bedford, a middle England market town which lies on the River Ouse, adding to its character and charm. It is a town full of many cultures and is allegedly the perfect place for people from numerous backgrounds to live, since they have juggled along in relative harmony for decades.

There is a @LoveBedford Facebook page which tells you up to date news and offers, and a website for more detailed information.

An example that pleased me is that the Oxfam bookshop and record shop was reopened after refurbishment last Wednesday. Here’s the full article and details. Recycling books continues to give readers pleasure, finds a new home for that much loved tome and supports a charity I admire too.

Another source for information ad interesting features is The Bedford Clanger . Well worth picking up if you are in Bedford or reading it on line. Here’s an article about the famous Bedfordshire Clanger on The Country File.

For those of you who like to read a glossy magazine whilst sipping your coffee then I can recommend Bedfordshire Country Life.

I must mention Bedfordshire on Sunday too, who keep us up to date with all things Bedfordshire and helped to promote my event at The Swan Hotel, organised by @MannersPR in August. I am so grateful for their support.

Looking forward to 2016 I am already giving out leaflets for the game ‘CLUEGO’ – a quiz with cash prizes which will be awarded in May 2016, all related to my Bedfordshire murder mystery ‘Murder Now and Then’ and planned with the help of @LoveBedford and @MannersPR.

This will hopefully get people out and about in the Bedfordshire area answering the questions, which will be posted on line in the new year.

Again, heartfelt thanks!



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One Year On and many thanks – To The UK Indie Literary Festival

One year on since ‘Murder Now and Then‘ was published and there are many folks I’d like to thank. Firstly to the team at The UK Indie Literary Festival for being so supportive, especially Rose English and Dawn Singh who have worked tirelessly on our behalf. Great people!

You can find a plethora of authors on their website and they are on Facebook too!

ROSE ENGLISHI’ve read Rose English‘s ‘One Breath’ – a delightful story – one of those which you want to read twice straight off because you don’t want to let it go. She featured on my book review of the month and this is what I wrote:

“This story takes your breath away – literally. When you read it make sure you find a quiet spot ~ in the garden would be perfect ~ but certainly one where you will not be disturbed for half an hour. I’ve read it twice already.

Beautifully written, it tells the story of Dorothy, or Dotty as her ever loving husband Albert likes to call her ~ oh, what can I say without spoiling the story for you. This is a tale of love and tragedy and you will probably shed a tear or two, out of joy as well as pain. Dotty has a love for her garden, in which lies the symbolism of all that is significant in her life, including a rose to commemorate her ‘almost’ still born baby, Grace.

There is humour, fantasy and emotion woven through this tale, which won second prize in an online competition via ‘The Daily Bookworm’.  I hope that Rose English will go on to write novels and I believe her name will be one to watch out for in future years.”

I have yet to read Dawn Singh’s ‘The Monster Inside’ but it is on my wish list. What a title though!

Here’s a snippet of Rose’s review of ‘Murder Now and Then’ which you can read fully if you click review:

“As I said previously a real page turner, a book I feel would appeal to many ages’ especially younger readers wanting to perhaps try a mystery for the first time.

Very highly recommended”


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