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Reviews on Goodreads ~ I was a Year behind ~ Are you?

I’ve just tried to catch up with my reviews on Goodreads which I’m ashamed to say were nearly a year behind. How did that happen?

In some ways I feel that Goodreads is as important (if not more so) than Amazon. Why? …because

  • it included books borrowed from friends
  • books bought in book shops
  • or even from a charity shop
  • and also books read from a wide range of sources including Nook, Apple etc and not just on Amazon (although it is owned by Amazon now)

I have not been able to catch up on all of the novels I read in 2019; there are just too many, but I have added, however, all of the reviews I’ve written on this blog to give a flavour of what I’ve been enjoying all year. I do not write reviews for books I would give less than 3 *** to.

After today I have made a promise to myself to try to keep these reviews on Goodreads up to date.  Also I will try to write my book recommendations on this blog, ‘DIANA’S REVIEW OF THE MONTH’ page, going throughout the year. Amazon is easier because you are given frequent reminders.

If you’d like to ‘friend’ me on Goodreads after reading this post then do let me know.


My verdict to myself ~ Could do better!

       Do you review on Goodreads?

         If not why not?

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Felicity Snowden’s Mc Bride Mysteries

dOUBLE BILL McBride Murder Mysteries

Felicity Snowden   is a debut Author who spent her former years reading the awesome occult of Dennis Wheatley, the English intrigue of Agatha Christie and the sheer horror of James Herbert.

Her first novel “When Dead Men won’t Lie.” hovers between this eclectic blend of compelling genres.

Continuing in the time switch theme Felicity published ‘Grave Misconception’ the first in the McBride Murder Mystery series in 2016. With ‘Swindlers list’ second in the series following in 2018.

These captivating time switch tales centre round Lou Bannister and Annette McBride’s ill-fated relationship which is constantly shadowed by ghosts of the past. Murder mystery with an unexpected twist.

In 2017 Felicity turned her hand to hosting the Morley Indie Book Fair in her home town which welcomed local readers and Indie authors from all around the UK.

Felicity lives in West Yorkshire with her husband, son and Labrador dog. When her busy writing schedule permits she enjoys listening to music, walking, reading and spending time with her family.

Diana writes: Being a fan and a writer of ‘time switching’ novels, although I have not heard that expression before, I did enjoy Swindler’s List and will look out for                      Felicity Snowden‘s other novels. 

Here’s the back cover which tells you about the book and if you click on it you will be taken directly to the correct page on .


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Karma Lawyer: Courage and Love by Nigel Lesmoir Gordon

Maitland Fairweather is rich, successful, ruthless and good looking ~ but pretty cheesed off. He has discovered that his wife Sarah, of only a year, is having an affair. He decides to arrange to have her murdered without trace by a hit squad of three women.

This gripping tale is of Maitland, an unscrupulous lawyer of repute, struggling with his conscience as he covers his tracks and begins to build a new life. Falling in love with Mary, a whistleblower in a case he’s working on of a possibly corrupt scientific research company Scalar Electronics, creates further complications as he continues to dodge retribution.

The author Nigel Lesmoir Gordon has many messages to relay to us in this novel and as I reader I was not sure whether these asides were sometimes cleverly disguised fiction too.

Karma Lawyer is bitter sweet. I had empathy for Maitland even though I felt instinctively that I shouldn’t. I wanted Mary to see through his omissions of the truth and yet a small part of me wanted the relationship to work, softened by their genuine rapport and Mary’s good nature.

Karma Lawyer is an unusual novel and is well worth reading. It would make an excellent choice for a book group. I could imagine the heated arguments that it might provoke!

I wish Nigel every good fortune with this novel.

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