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Book Review ~The Ears of the Cat by Roderick Hart


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The Ears of the Cat

By Roderick Hart

‘The Ears of the Cat’ is a thriller involving a group called Future World who believe that the only way to deal with over population in the world is to release a bird flu virus. Files of the virus are stolen successfully from a lab, communication is made through Wattsapp, which the group believe to be safe, and agents from different organisations, with orthodox methods and decidedly otherwise are on the case. (Personally I found some of these methods hard to stomach until right was addressed later in the novel).



It was a gripping yarn and although, in many ways, I was a reluctant reader, since we are currently awaiting a possible epidemic or worse, my inner voice compelled me read to the very end.

A very well written novel, so close to the truth it was entirely believable. (unfortunately!!)

The title is apt and very clever!

Author Roderick Hart has enjoyed a varied life in interesting places around the world, but currently he lives with his wife in Edinburgh.

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Reviews on Goodreads ~ I was a Year behind ~ Are you?

I’ve just tried to catch up with my reviews on Goodreads which I’m ashamed to say were nearly a year behind. How did that happen?

In some ways I feel that Goodreads is as important (if not more so) than Amazon. Why? …because

  • it included books borrowed from friends
  • books bought in book shops
  • or even from a charity shop
  • and also books read from a wide range of sources including Nook, Apple etc and not just on Amazon (although it is owned by Amazon now)

I have not been able to catch up on all of the novels I read in 2019; there are just too many, but I have added, however, all of the reviews I’ve written on this blog to give a flavour of what I’ve been enjoying all year. I do not write reviews for books I would give less than 3 *** to.

After today I have made a promise to myself to try to keep these reviews on Goodreads up to date.  Also I will try to write my book recommendations on this blog, ‘DIANA’S REVIEW OF THE MONTH’ page, going throughout the year. Amazon is easier because you are given frequent reminders.

If you’d like to ‘friend’ me on Goodreads after reading this post then do let me know.


My verdict to myself ~ Could do better!

       Do you review on Goodreads?

         If not why not?

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Wishing you a Happy Christmas from Fife!

I’m having a wee break now until the new Year and so

Greeting from Fife

Have a special time with family and friends,

whatever you are doing this Christmas

all the best Diana

(ps the photo was mine, taken in December 2013)

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