From Redundancy to Rejuvenation

9780993260803From Redundancy to Rejuvenation ~ A Writer’s Fantasy Walk Along The Fife Coastal Path is described as memoir, fantasy, history, motivational and inspirational. It could also be travel and self help.

It contains poetry, prose, historical facts, descriptions of my walk and fantasy conversations from my imagination.

This is my story but with a difference. Instead of describing my journey along the coastal path, or in fact how my life adapted after spending a life-time teaching, the writing became an allegory as I wove encounters with people from the past. I met a variety of folk from authors to gardeners; from saints to everyday miners. With each person I held a conversation, which ultimately inspired both my personal and my physical journey. I even met a Selkie! No not a Selfie. (A Selkie is a magical seal/man creature.) My aim was to bring them all to life.

This is my most enjoyable and yet I believe it is my most inspiring writing to date, both in its simplicity and honesty. Not only did Fife capture my heart but the warm welcome of its people drew me towards a new life. Did I follow my instincts?

On reading ‘From Redundancy to Rejuvenation ~ A Writer’s Fantasy Walk Along The Fife Coastal Path’ I hope that you might be inspired to follow in my footsteps or maybe just walk beside me in your imagination.

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