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Happy New Year and Blog Resolutions for 2013

Hi Folks and a Happy New Year to you!

A past reflection 

Oddly enough it still appears that it is my spontaneous, one off posts which attract the most attention. In 2011 it was ‘Can you Snuggle in Bed with a Kindle?’ and I thought this year it was going to be technologically related too, and be, ‘Life Sans Internet~ The Trials of Launching a Book without the Internet’ but this autumn the lead was overtaken three fold by ‘In Answer to the Oxford Mail~The Unique Island of Alderney.’ I’m pleased about that, because my aim was to describe the island and its people, whom I have come to care about a great deal.

New Year Resolution

This time last year I made the resolution to be more consistent in my blog writing and began with a series about fantastic and frivolous flying facts. It was fun to research and had a positive reaction from readers, so this year I’m launching 2013 with a new theme:

A Historical Virtual Tour ~ The Solent and Beyond

Solent map google1

I will be focussing mainly on places related to my latest novel although the content will be wider and with much of the research not included in my novel. It is an interesting and understated area of the UK, easily accessible and yet you can still get off the beaten track in minutes and discover beauty spots, quite walks and places of historical significance in the most unexpected corners. If you are like me and revel in learning the history of a location, it makes it all the more memorable. You imagine days gone by on that very spot, generations who have passed through and occasionally seen little change but more often there’s a significantly different picture in front of you today.

I will continue to have the occasional spontaneous post and as I move towards March there will be some important announcements to make too!

I look forward to your company, comments, tweets and responses on Facebook!


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