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Alternative Book Launch

I have planned an alternative book launch. Why?

  • I am not sure that a face to face launch is appropriate and so have looked at alternatives.
  • The book I am launching is a paperback only at the moment.
  • The target audience to buy the book is different to the target audience to read. (more about that shortly)
  • It is a gift book.
  • It is a way of giving back and trying to support young adults.


Firstly I will GIVEAWAY the first 50 books.

If you would like a free copy and you live in the UK please click on my contact page and send me a message as to why you would like a book and a short sentence or phrase about the person you are giving it to (not the name).

I am thrilled that The Healing Paths of Fife raised nearly £700 for local charities, but since Search for the Pearl Inside Yourself is a gift book aimed to reach out to young adults who need a boost to their self esteem, I would prefer to give the first 50 away.


I will have a day of activities on my Facebook Pages on launch day, 25th June. More details on Monday 21st on this blog and on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DianaJacksonauthor

This will include givaways, quiz questions and mugs to win. Also links to useful sites.


Eventispress will be writing to local press. I’ll report back as to how that goes. Having enjoyed quite a bit of coverage down in Bedfordshire (local radio stations too) several years ago we’ll approach here in Fife too.


There will be a zoom night on Monday 5th July for invited guests. Yet again I will report back on how this goes. If you would like to be invited then please let me know: diana@dianamaryjackson.co.uk

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