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I admit it. I am a murderer!

Not only that, I am a murderer with intent!

Years ago I stayed with a family in Sri Lanka; a memorable experience. One morning I spoke with Mrs Abysingi about my visitation from a fire fly the night before; an eerie light flying around the netting surrounding my bed. In the morning I made sure the creature was able to fly freely out of the window. She kindly said that I must be a Hindu like her, because I cared for all creatures.

But I’m not at the moment!

Each day I walk up the garden with murderous intentions. Why? Because greenfly and whitefly are attacking my lovely Lupin Tree!

This is what it should look like:

In May this year

After a while I noticed that it was beginning to look a little limp and the tell tale signs of hundreds of little critters made me realise I might be on the verge of losing this beauty. Not for the first time. This is Uncle of Lupin and Son of Lupin after the original suffered a similar infestation few years back.

In June this year

Determined to defeat it this time, I pruned off all of the flowers (conserving its strength) and began my campaign. Soapy water sprays, then vinegar and soapy water sprays nightly. I even resorted to insect killer a couple of times, but I hate to use it.

When I was beginning to win, I scanned the bush for signs and squashed them between my fingers! Oh how satisfying! Is this how a murderer feels I thought, as I hear the sound of the crunch or squish, depending on the maturity of the bug.

Now I have pared the whole bush down and am thinking


If my plant is going to survive I need a predator who can do my work for me, so that I don’t feel so guilty; like hiring a contract killer. I’ll let you know how they get on.

Has this got anything to do with my writing?

Well, not really but I’ve got it off my chest!


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