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Diana’s Virtual Tour of The Kingdom of Fife ~ Aberdour

DSCN3790.JPGThe first glimpse I had of Silver Sands Bay at Aberdour was on a mobile phone. I was still down south, struggling with the running down of the college where I once loved to work before I even knew of the possibility of voluntary redundancy.

Roger was enticing me to join him up here. He knew for me it was a tall order to leave my parents, my family, my work, my home which I adored and lovely friends; but he was only asking for me to consider a temporary relocation for a year or two. (wasn’t he?)

He had decided to remain in Fife for the weekend and was sitting at The Silver Sands Cafe above the beach, looking over the Forth towards Edinburgh and along the coast to Burntisland.


Since then Aberdour has become a favourite of ours, especially the walk over the cliffs between Silver Sands and Black Sands. There you can look out to Inchcolm Island and Abbey; the Iona of the east. I have happy memories more recently of a trip with my parents.  (It is only fifteen minutes drive from here) How Mum managed to walk up the slope and back to the car park I shall never know. Sheer determination and enjoyment of visiting a beautiful place.


‘I never thought of coming to Scotland and enjoying the seaside,’ said Dad. (a quote of the year since Scotland’s incredible and diverse scenery nests surrounded by a coast of breathtaking beauty.)

Aberdour is easily accessible by car, bus or train. There are local shops to browse in, three hotels and many cafes. A friendly rivalry for floral displays between villages along the coast here, Aberdour boasting many awards, only enhances its appeal.

Another moment in Aberdour which sums up the warm and welcoming nature of its inhabitants was last May. We were walking down towards the lighthouse and back to Silver Sands when we heard fairly loud music. As we approached the path above the water’s edge, many young people passed us and there was a gathering at the point. One lad smiled shyly and apologised,

‘We’re sorry about the noise and hope it isn’t disturbing your walk, but it’s out last day of term you see.’

‘Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘We were young once!’

I cannot imagine the same conversation taking place down south, can you?


(Author Diana Jackson enjoys researching social history and this inspires her writing. Her latest release ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’, a fantasy / memoir, reflects her growing love for the Kingdom of Fife.)


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