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MISSING Past and Present by Diana Jackson #kindlecountdown until 7th December!! ~ only three days.

Are you short of money before Christmas but still want to lose yourself in a novel that’s “captivating and compelling”?

There’s a #Kindlecountdown deal for

MISSING Past and Present by Diana Jackson for

ONLY 99p

on Amazon.co.uk

until Monday 7th January


Recent reviews on Amazon:


“A well-crafted and satisfying novel, dealing with some heavy topics such as abandonment, betrayal and mental health issues. The author threads together two stories, one in present day and one in the past, and flows from one to the other seamlessly. I loved the use of the dice (a chance find) to introduce her memories, rating the lows as ones and twos and the highs as fives and sixes. Diana writes so well, this feels more like a record of real events. Definite thumbs up and one of my rare 5 stars.”          Jules5691 September 2020


“The premise of Diana Jackson’s novel is that life is mostly as random as the results of rolling dice. The challenges that life throws at us can be positive sixes, or disastrous ones and twos. So she weaves the stories of her main characters, Dot, Jamal and Angelina, around a whole batch of social issues that could similarly hit any of us by a simple twist of fate: homelessness; mental health; abandonment; and betrayal. Some great descriptive writing, but it’s the redemptions in the novel that are striking, the bringing together of all those threads, from the past and from the present, from the characters’ various stories, making us see that, even despite life’s more disastrous dice throws, given the right support, another outcome might be possible, the missing may be found.”            David Ebsworth October 2020


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Reviews on Goodreads ~ I was a Year behind ~ Are you?

I’ve just tried to catch up with my reviews on Goodreads which I’m ashamed to say were nearly a year behind. How did that happen?

In some ways I feel that Goodreads is as important (if not more so) than Amazon. Why? …because

  • it included books borrowed from friends
  • books bought in book shops
  • or even from a charity shop
  • and also books read from a wide range of sources including Nook, Apple etc and not just on Amazon (although it is owned by Amazon now)

I have not been able to catch up on all of the novels I read in 2019; there are just too many, but I have added, however, all of the reviews I’ve written on this blog to give a flavour of what I’ve been enjoying all year. I do not write reviews for books I would give less than 3 *** to.

After today I have made a promise to myself to try to keep these reviews on Goodreads up to date.  Also I will try to write my book recommendations on this blog, ‘DIANA’S REVIEW OF THE MONTH’ page, going throughout the year. Amazon is easier because you are given frequent reminders.

If you’d like to ‘friend’ me on Goodreads after reading this post then do let me know.


My verdict to myself ~ Could do better!

       Do you review on Goodreads?

         If not why not?

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Diana’s Book Review ~ The House Between Tides by Sarah Maine

download.jpgI picked up The House Between Tides by Sarah Maine at Waterstones since it was Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year. Although not a Scottish author, her setting for this and Women of the Dunes, couldn’t be more Scottish, based on the north west coast.

In House Between Tides Libby is left a falling down ruin of a house on a tiny tidal island. As she investigates the possibility of its renovation a body is found rendering the place an unsolved crime scene.

Feelings of the community run high as the island is threatened by redevelopment. The author cleverly reveals truths about the past and as the story begins to unfold she weaves the past into the present in the most unexpected of ways.

I have also read The Women of the Dunes. What a wonderfully evocative cover!

51xbUr0fJxL._AC_UL160_Libby follows the trail of stories from her home in Canada to the Hebrides, tales passed down to her of Ullaness, Ulla the Norse-woman and the chapel, involving intrigue, disappearances and possibly murder.

The past catches up with her as she prepares to bring students on an archaeological dig on this tidal island. Even before the excavations take place a body is found opening up speculation as to the circumstances of this murder from the Victorian era.

Women of the Dunes is a clever weaving of three time periods as the secrets of the past are finally unravelled, but that does not mean that the present is without tensions and danger.

Both books are clever plots with carefully honed characters ~ Much enjoyed and highly recommended!

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