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BBC Our World War: Review of Ep1 – Mons

My next series of posts will reflect real people’s lives in World War One including extracts from ‘Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home‘  but here is Paul Reed’s summary of one of the many documentaries on TV at the moment from his blog devoted to The Great War

WW1 Centenary

Having read a lot of negative press in the Great war Community about the BBC3 series Our World War, even before it was broadcast and no-one had seen it, I was very interested to finally watch it. With rumours of indie pop, odd camera angles and ‘Call of Duty’ style graphics I had feared the worst but actually… I really rather enjoyed it. In fact second only to the superb ‘The Somme: From Defeat To Victory‘ this is a very fine piece of docudrama from the BBC and a fitting addition to their WW1 Centenary season.

The film is sixty minutes of television and does raise a lot of points; I don’t intend to discuss them all here but I will make a few.

The Filming: this I thought was one of the things that made it for me. Far from odd camera angles the use…

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