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Introducing Dawn Singh ~An Author and the Inspiration Behind 2016 UKIndieLitfest

IMG_20150618_181350About Dawn Today I’m pleased to introduce Dawn Singh, a writer and Indie Publisher from West Yorkshire and CEO of FollowThisPublishing. The 2016 UKIndieLitfest is Dawn’s brain child but she has a day job and family too, so she appears to be one of those superwomen who never stops.

Her writing genre is Paranormal Fantasy leaning towards a Young Adult readership and the first book in her trilogy, Regina, The Monster Inside was published in the summer of 2014 which is available as a paperback and on Kindle.

Here is the blurb for the novel which certainly draws you in:regina review promo

What if what you were could destroy everything and everyone you loved? 
Regina thought she was an average teenager. When strange things start to happen, she discovers she belongs to a hidden world of supernatural beings and she is the most dangerous of them all.
Her existence is a death sentence to her, her survival could be a death sentence for us all. 

Dawn has known from a very early age that she wanted to be a writer and is led by moments of inspiration, out of which her characters are born.7

And Next Dawn promises us The Darkness, the next in The Regina series.

I look forward to meeting Dawn at the first UK Indie Literary Festival. More details and where you can register for free tickets for this event:



Website: http://dmsinghwriting.wix.com/author

Twitter: DMSinghwriting
Facebook: Facebook profile
Blog: http://authordmsingh.weebly.com/

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One Year On and many thanks – To The UK Indie Literary Festival

One year on since ‘Murder Now and Then‘ was published and there are many folks I’d like to thank. Firstly to the team at The UK Indie Literary Festival for being so supportive, especially Rose English and Dawn Singh who have worked tirelessly on our behalf. Great people!

You can find a plethora of authors on their website Indieliteraryfest.weebly.com and they are on Facebook too!

ROSE ENGLISHI’ve read Rose English‘s ‘One Breath’ – a delightful story – one of those which you want to read twice straight off because you don’t want to let it go. She featured on my book review of the month and this is what I wrote:

“This story takes your breath away – literally. When you read it make sure you find a quiet spot ~ in the garden would be perfect ~ but certainly one where you will not be disturbed for half an hour. I’ve read it twice already.

Beautifully written, it tells the story of Dorothy, or Dotty as her ever loving husband Albert likes to call her ~ oh, what can I say without spoiling the story for you. This is a tale of love and tragedy and you will probably shed a tear or two, out of joy as well as pain. Dotty has a love for her garden, in which lies the symbolism of all that is significant in her life, including a rose to commemorate her ‘almost’ still born baby, Grace.

There is humour, fantasy and emotion woven through this tale, which won second prize in an online competition via ‘The Daily Bookworm’.  I hope that Rose English will go on to write novels and I believe her name will be one to watch out for in future years.”

I have yet to read Dawn Singh’s ‘The Monster Inside’ but it is on my wish list. What a title though!

Here’s a snippet of Rose’s review of ‘Murder Now and Then’ which you can read fully if you click review:

“As I said previously a real page turner, a book I feel would appeal to many ages’ especially younger readers wanting to perhaps try a mystery for the first time.

Very highly recommended”


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