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Author Jennifer Mugrage launches her novel and takes the Throw a Dice Challenge!

I’m really pleased to welcome author Jennifer Mugrage who is taking part in my

‘Throw a Dice Challenge’

but she is also launching her debut novel:

The Long Guest TODAY

on 2nd November 2020.


Book 1 of The Scattering Trilogy

The year is 10,000 B.C. All mankind was united in one project: to build a great city with a magnificent tower that reached to the heavens. But the tower fell; God confused their languages, and overnight, their world dissolved into unimaginable chaos ….

You can buy The Long Guest on


Or in a bookshop
Jennifer Mugrage’s novel The Strange Land will be coming out early in 2021.
Here’s her answer to the challenge in order to get to know one of her characters; almost certainly not her protagonist, but one who will give us a flavour of her novels:

Tell us a bit about your chosen character Jennifer:

My character Sha is the youngest of four brothers living in a tribe of hunter/gatherers in 10,000 BC. His father is a high-status man in the tribe, but is abusive to his wife and sons.
What an unusual but fascinating period in history, Jennifer. Now
Can you reveal more about Sha by sharing some of his memories?

We throw a dice. One is the most tragic or horrific memory to a six which is the most fantastic:

One: Sha’s mother dies, in circumstances which cause everyone who knew her to feel guilty.
Two: Sha remembers his lousy childhood.
Three: He thinks of the painful ordeal of dragging himself out after he broke an ankle on a solo camping trip which was supposed to be his manhood ceremony.
Four: His older brother Ikash gets married. Sha is glad to see his brother so happy, but he is going to miss his best friend.
Five: Wrestling with, and confiding in, his brother when they were still kids. Good times!
Six: The chief likes Sha’s wooden sculptures, shows them to everyone, and asks him to make more!
I’m looking forward to reading the book now and finding out more about Sha and his tribe.

Tell us a bit about your novels Jennifer:

The book The Strange Land, is about the tribe’s progress over the Land Bridge. It’s the sequel to The Long Guest. Both books are coming out in rapid release!

The Long Guest is OUT NOW!

Jennifer says; Read about my fascinating research, and watch for book announcements, on my website: https://outofbabel.com .
Thank you Jennifer. Watch this space for a review of ‘The Long Guest’ shortly!
To explain why the challenge:
Diana Jackson is author of Mystery Inspired by History Series
the protagonist of her latest novel
‘MISSING Past and Present ~ Is Life Just a Roll of a Dice’
rolls a dice to relive her memories. 


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Novels in Crime Week Day 3 ~ Colin Calvert

imageColin, thank you for agreeing to be a visitor on my blog. I expect you are excited that your debut novel

‘Born Again Bandits’ came out on Kindle yesterday published by Eventispress! Congratulations!

I know you have written plays for several years and that they have been acted on stages across the world. What gave you the initial inspiration to try your hand at writing a novel? 

I was motivated by the real case of a young mum who killed herself and her handicapped daughter after years of harassment in their home and failing to get support from the authorities. BAB floats a possible solution to this sort of low level but widespread crime – and mixes the social arguments with a fast moving plot involving murder, kidnap, espionage,and a car chase.

Gripping description! Did you find writing Born Again Bandits a very different experience to writing drama and, of course, why? 
Yes! Very different. All my published drama pieces are comedies. BAB has some lighter moments but is not a comedy. For me, plays are much easier – but I enjoyed the deeper aspects of writing a book which is a one-to-one thing.
A snappy title. Born Again Bandits! I like it. Can you explain to possible readers what it means without giving away the plot? Do they turn to religion or something like that?
The “Born Again” has no religious overtones, but is a punchy phrase and very relevant to the plot.

I think the most unusual character in your plot, and I have both read it and enjoyed Born Again Bandits, is Karen. She’s quite complex. Can you describe what you think of her without giving away too much?

I was very close to a “Karen” at one time. Very complex, very intelligent, very gifted – but with personality traits which made life difficult. You could equate her partly with Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander in some ways. More interesting to write about than a nice person!Available on Kindle

I know you’ve mentioned to me that you feel strongly that Born Again Bandits is more than an action packed thriller but has a social message. Is it possible to expand on that?

BAB suggests a radical way to reduce or eliminate crime and evil in human society and poses ethical and practical questions. Are draconian methods feasible in eliminating evil  just as smallpox was eliminated?

Do you think we will see more of Colin Calvert as an author in the future? Could Born Again Bandits turn into a series do you think?
Now BAB is done, I can see other plots involving Glenn and Karen. I think BAB is very filmic and would love to liaise with a screenwriter for film or TV! I also have other book ideas for books away from the BAB context.
Well Colin. Thank you again for being a guest on my blog today and I wish you every success with Born Again Bandits.

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