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Diana’s July Book Review ~ Keepers by Cheryl Burman

Why did I choose this book?

I was drawn to Keepers because:

  • I enjoy historical fiction
  • I was excited to read a novel set in Australia, especially about the same time my uncle and his family moved there from the UK

Did you feel empathy with any particular character?

Oh yes. I loved the idea that Raine tried to continue her struggle with life in her ramshackle home, distant from the town. Her resilience and determination to keep independent made me warm to her. She was not tempted to take the easy options, whether it be coping with life or who to share her life with.

Is there a lasting thought or memory of the book which remains with you?

The last few chapters ~ Love drove Raine to ignore the dangers and warning signs but just go for it!

Keepers was a gripping read. Most enjoyable!

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