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‘Healing Paths of Fife’ December Quiz ~ 2 more paperbacks up for grabs

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Place 2

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Entry fee: A donation of your choice to Kirkcaldy Foodbank via

Just Giving Kirkcaldy Foodbank

Write your name with the comment:

December Quiz entry ‘Healing Paths of Fife’

Name the five beautiful locations on The Fife Coastal Path above

Then send your five responses by email to diana@dianamaryjackson.co.uk , or fill in the form below:



The first two with the correct answers will be announced on December 16th and will be sent an email and then their copy of ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’ will be sent to arrive, hopefully, before Christmas.

Follow me @Riduna on Twitter for some clues on Thursday 5th to Tuesday 10th til close of competition at 5 pm on 11th December GMT

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Diana’s virtual tour of The Fife Coast ~ Kingsbarns to St Andrews

Ambling along grassy slopes,

pausing to glance back at

a craggy coastline

 ~ alone.

Climbing well worn rocky steps

clinging to cliff face.

Awaiting the safety of the out going tide

to reveal

a tiny cove and sandy shore.

Ancient rocks guiding the way,

a wooden bridge, a wooded glen,

 cows munching betwixt

stepping stones,

before the last ascent up wooden steps

and the final destination is in sight.



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Diana’s Virtual Tour of the Fife Coast ~ Kirkcaldy


I’m going to back track along the coast from East Neuk to Kirkcaldy, (pronounced without the ‘l’) which has a long promenade and sandy bay taking you over a mile. It stretches between Seafield Tower and the seals all the way to Ravanscraig Castle and the coastal walk beside the park to Dysart Harbour.

When we were first in Fife Kirkcaldy was a buzzing little town with M & S, Debenhams, Waterstones, WH Smiths and Boots at the centre and many wee shops in either direction. Tesco was the first to go, meaning that many young and elderly relying on public transport had no supermarket in the town to visit before catching the bus. More recently it has been the demise of M & S which has hit the headlines, the first ever in Scotland. So very sad.

Mind you, I’ve been into town on a few occasions since that fateful day and Kirkcaldy folks are resilient people. There are still several cafes and places to eat, a wide variety of shops and also TK Max, among others, in the Mercat.  Also, there’s an excellent jeweler’s shop or two and various clothes shops. Oh I’ve missed many but you get the idea. Waterstones is still thankfully at the very heart of the town.

Two ends of Kirkcaldy which have recently impressed me are the Olympia Arcade and The Merchant’s Quarter. I know the arcade has a long way to go but the energy and enthusiasm by those trying to get it going is lovely to see. Then, at the far end of the High Street, in what’s called The Merchant’s Quarter, among a few restaurants is a music shop, florist, Vinyl record shop, craft shop and The Merchant’s Cafe. Each time I go there, in fact, a new shop has popped up. I also discovered the Merchant’s Centre, including a tiny haven and garden.

Once a month there’s a Farmer’s Market by the Town Hall. Great fun! Even freshly smoked Smokies! That’s smoked haddock for the uninitiated ~ like the more famous Arbroath Smokies, but these are smoked right in front of you.

The Olympia Arcade also hope to revitalise their craft and gift fair on the same Saturday to help pay for the cost of restoration (first Saturday of every month)

Well Kirkcaldy ~ You still have a lot going for you ~ elegant buildings, The Adam Smith Theatre and Kirkcaldy Library, Museum and Fine Arts Gallery to name but a few. Do you think life breathed into the recently bought Postings and the opening of The Kings Theatre will be your salvation? Do you know, I believe that all is not lost and you’ll rise up again, even better than before.

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