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North Queensferry ~ The Village of Three Bridges ~ Diana’s Virtual Tour of the Kingdom of Fife

DSCN4443[1].jpgThe villages of three bridges, North Queensferry (and Queensferry ~ the better known tourist spot across the water) have always been the key places to view the famous Forth Rail Bridge.


On our first visits there were only two bridges, including the 1960’s road bridge, but now of course you have the majestic Queensferry Crossing too, which is akin to enormous white sails reflected the sunlight.


I remember driving into North Queensferry in search of a Sunday Roast, only to be sent across the water to The Hawes Inn; the place where Robert Louis Stevenson allegedly wrote Kidnapped. Incidentally, we had a wonderful meal there; the span of the burnt orange  bridge filling our view as we ate.

In North Queensferry, however, there are two pubs which serve food, a restaurant ~ ‘The Wee Restaurant’ which has been mentioned on TV recently, and also a bistro which we usually frequent. It is also the site of the Deep Sea World Aquarium, which we have yet to enjoy, since we are waiting for a younger visitor to impress on a wet day!

For me, North Queensferry was the beginning of my walk in earnest along the Fife Coastal Path all the way to St Andrews. The official path does, in fact, begin at the Kincardine Arch which we have seen from the road, and finishes at the Newburgh Arch. We have yet to participate in these pleasures.


It was on the cliff above North Queensferry, as we looked down on the Cunard Queen Elizabeth moored near the Forth Rail Bridge, that we met a couple who had recently moved to Fife. The lady’s words have remained in my mind,’

‘We seem to have our own eco climate here on the Fife Coast along the Forth, with lots of sunshine.’

(Author Diana Jackson enjoys researching social history and this inspires her writing. Her latest release ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’, a fantasy / memoir, reflects her growing love for the Kingdom of Fife.)

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Queensferry Crossing Experience in Photos


The Queensferry Crossing, Scotland

We were fortunate to be allocated passes to walk over the Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh last Sunday. Catching the train from Kinghorn and alighting at Inverkeithing, we had a short walk to Ferry Toll, where we were security checked andDSCN4190 bused to the bridge. The organisation was slick, cheerful and efficient and reminiscent of The Olympics (or The Commonwealth Games)

We were given only an hour to walk the 1.7 miles. This was perfect to include regular pauses to take photos and enjoy The Queensferry Crossing, the old Forth Road Bridge and The Forth Bridge, the iconic rail bridge admired by thousands over two centuries.



Here’s the rail bridge appearing Nessie – like through the gaps in the wind shielding glass; a photo which will never again be taken except from a moving vehicle.


At intervals information boards gave us fascinating facts and figures about the bridgeDSCN4227 and its construction and also historical background. On this one we were told that, whilst clearing the site, signs of the oldest dwellings in Scotland were discovered.

The views of the other bridges wowed us by their grace and symmetry.


The glimmers of sunlight through the clouds enhanced the beauty of The Queensferry Crossing itself. I couldn’t help but wonder, half way across, what Queen Margaret (or St Margaret (1045-1093) would have thought of it all, since she instigated the first ferry route for pilgrims over the Firth of Forth, which existed until the first road bridge was opened in 1964.

(Diana Jackson is the author of ‘The Healing Paths of Fife’ a fantasy memoir of her walk along the Fife Coastal Path)



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