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Spring Bank Holiday ~ May 31st

Happy Spring Bank Holiday to all in the UK!

What does Spring Bank Holiday mean to you?

This is what it means to me. Lots of memories!

I was very fortunate growing up and then teaching because spring bank holiday, and the week’s holiday certainly enjoyed in England, usually meant that I didn’t go to school or subsequently have to teach on my birthday. Rarely it happened. Both my birthday and my Mum’s was around the same time, and so over the years we were often able to celebrate our birthdays together. Such happy memories! One was in 2016 when my cousins came over as a surprise on Mum’s birthday (30th) and visited us in Fife. Here are a couple of recent ones:

A cruise with Mum and Dad on the Oriana in 2017
Enjoying Loch Marie on my birthday 2018

This year we have decided to go away for a long weekend up to Glen Clova, a very special place just on the southern tip of the Cairngorms, with an abundance of pathways leading up glens and into the mountains. It has poignant memories for me of 2020, when we were not able to share our birthdays due to Covid, so it is lovely to look back on happier times.

Glen Clova Hotel

It will be good to recharge the batteries, enjoy a little bit of new found freedom to travel, albeit relatively close by, to have plenty of fresh air and walks and to be ‘in the moment’.

What have you been doing?

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Glen Clova ~ a gem of a journey for creative inspiration

We were talking about trips to the mountains from Fife with our local artist and friend Douglas Gray and he mentioned Glen Clova and described how to reach it via Dundee. Douglas returns there frequently for inspiration for his painting, but for me it was a taster day to reinvigorate my ‘little brain cells’.


Around fifteen miles north of Dundee you reach the little town of Forfar, the birthplace of James Matthew Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. Glen Clova can be reached on the other side of Forfar; a beautiful drive through the lowland hills towards the mountains ~ the Cairngorms. A five hour walk from Glen Clova itself will take you to Breamar so I’m told. The settlement itself is tiny; the hotel and various log cabins are dotted up the hill behind it.


At the base of these foothills is Hotel Glen Clova, a great place for lunch, refreshments to break up your drive or to enjoy at the end of a lovely walk, of which there are many. It is one of those places we will return to, maybe to stay the night on a special occasion when we can set out on a hike for a full day.


As the view of the hills leads your eyes into the far distance, and you breathe in the fresh clean air, it clears your head to be refilled with renewed creativity.

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