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Reflection Day ~ 23rd March ~ Two Candles Burn Tonight

Two candles burn tonight in remembrance.

Dad passed away on January 10th

We mourned him in February;

a Zoom cremation.



So far away.

Then just as the slow road to recovery began

the phone rang.

March 4th.

‘You’re Mum has passed away,’ the carer said.

Layers of grief settled like a shroud.

The mind moved through a dense fog,

unable to focus.

Unable to make rational decisions.

‘It was peaceful,’ they said.

She slipped away when sleeping.

A blessing.

Well Mum, I hope you have polished your wings and have found Dad up there. Are you dancing together again, the pain in your feet gone and Covid a distant dream? The irony is, two weeks later and the whole care home would have been vaccinated. A month later and my first vaccine would have had effect and I would have been oh so tempted to drive down to see you, since also a month later visiting to care homes became permissible.

You had a good life, Mum and Dad; 88 and 93 but I wish I’d been there for you as I’d promised I would be.

My thoughts and prayers were for all those remembering lost loved ones yesterday evening. RIP.

Due to bereavement we have delayed the launch of ‘Search for a Pearl Inside Yourself’ until 25th June 2021, God willing. 

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