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2020 and Friendship Over the Pond — Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom

As we watch and wait, viewing the changes around the world as if through a movie,

a thriller even,

and as our life as we know it gradually,

as in the case of us in the UK,

closes in on us;

I pray that we keep safe and healthy

and heed the warnings given by experts

who hold us entranced by their surreal words.

Thank you so much, Pat, for sharing my thoughts about our special on line friendship over the pond; vital in these uncertain and sometimes dangerous times as if battling with this unseen enemy. Hopefully we may retain our vitality for life and even our sense of humour, whatever difficulties we may face. Bless you Dx

Hello and welcome to a new decade and a new look, a work in progress. Here we are nearly a quarter of the way into this New Year and I’m just making my first appearance. 23 more words

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March 17, 2020 · 10:22 am

Nellie Rault was murdered 100 years ago ~ An Inspiration

Back coverMNATThe unsolved murder of a Jersey lass, Nellie Rault, one hundred years ago, inspired my first murder mystery, Murder Now and Then.


Here is Nellie Rault’s full story compiled and carefully researched by Liz Walton from the Great War Channel Island Study Group.

The mystery also inspired the Luton Paranormal Society to investigate it! (you may have to scroll down through the paragraphs.)

In honour of Nellie Rault, whom I renamed Lucille Vardon in my purely fictional novel, I have brought  out an updated version of ‘Murder, Now and Then’ this summer. (revised due to the fact that I wrote the original in 2013 and predicted the future to 2019, some of which has and some has not come to pass.)

Here’s the new cover in celebration of the relaunch:


Mind you, there are actually farms where cows are milked by robots as and when they choose to be milked. I’ve seen them!

Also, and just as exciting, in the autumn I will be launching my new novel, another mystery loosely set in Bedfordshire, although the actual location is fictional this time but it visits Scotland too. (couldn’t resist it) Watch this space!

Meanwhile The Healing Paths of Fife was all about relocation and renewal, but it also touched on how I coped with a barren time as far as my creativity and my writing life was concerned. As my personal life found new meaning and stability, my writing life floundered.


This fantasy memoir ends as I began to find a balance and a greater wholeness as the ink from my pen began to flow once more.

(just noticed a new review on amazon.co.uk ~ very grateful!)

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Pittenweem ~ The Fisherman’s Hub and other Special Attributes

Next along the Fife Coastal Path from St Monan’s is the fishing village of Pittenweem, the hub which catches and distributes fresh fish to all of Fife and beyond. There is a fish shops straight from the boats at the back of St Monan’s. We buy ours in Burntisland, but a van also brings fish to people’s doors in many areas of Fife.

The beauty of the old stone harbour, with its creels and boats, is enhanced by signs of the working fishing industry in my eyes. The local in-bloom group completes the picture by decorating a variety of bicycles with flowers in the summer months. Delightful!



Taking one of several narrow cobbled paths, called ‘wynds’ here in Fife, leading you up to the main street, you can find cafes, art and craft shops, an artisan bakery, home made chocolate and a local store and post office. It is from two of the cafes here that you can borrow the key to St Fillan’s Cave.

The cave can be found, set in the sandstone rock face, down another steep path from the church towards the habour. You pass the community library on your left before reaching the rather mysterious cave entrance, protected by an ornate iron gate.

I ‘met’ St Fillan in this cave on a previous visit whilst walking along the Fife Coastal Path. I was uplifted by our meaningful conversation which I recorded in The Healing Paths of Fife.


The alter, as seen below, is a perfect place in which to reflect on the meaning of life!





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