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Autumn Colours at The Hermitage, near Dunkeld, Perthshire

DSCN5166[1].jpgLeaving our Fife Coastal Path exploration, or revisits, to venture further afield in this lovely part of Scotland, our ‘Keeping Wednesdays Special‘ two weeks ago took us an hour or so up the A9, passing Perth to The Hermitage. This is a National Trust for Scotland site near the lovely wee town of Dunkeld on the River Tay ~ a wonderful place to stay or to pause for refreshments if heading further north.



Undeterred by the fact that the car park was a little cramped, we returned to Dunkeld for coffee before taking the river walk to the Hermitage. The whole walk took about an hour and a half, allowing a stop to buy a local ice-cream at a cafe at The Hermitage car park. Autumn is the perfect time to visit here for a stroll through woodland walks to the waterfall and there are several paths of varied lengths ~ a place to return to I’m sure.




We were blessed by a lovely day when the dappled sun highlighted the marvelous autumn colours. We shed our fleeces and enjoyed the warmth. This was just the perfect break before we launched into volunteering at the Pop Up Rotary Charity Shop in Burntisland. It is days like this that can prove to be an inspiration to writing and a refreshing break.




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Pittenweem ~ The Fisherman’s Hub and other Special Attributes

Next along the Fife Coastal Path from St Monan’s is the fishing village of Pittenweem, the hub which catches and distributes fresh fish to all of Fife and beyond. There is a fish shops straight from the boats at the back of St Monan’s. We buy ours in Burntisland, but a van also brings fish to people’s doors in many areas of Fife.

The beauty of the old stone harbour, with its creels and boats, is enhanced by signs of the working fishing industry in my eyes. The local in-bloom group completes the picture by decorating a variety of bicycles with flowers in the summer months. Delightful!



Taking one of several narrow cobbled paths, called ‘wynds’ here in Fife, leading you up to the main street, you can find cafes, art and craft shops, an artisan bakery, home made chocolate and a local store and post office. It is from two of the cafes here that you can borrow the key to St Fillan’s Cave.

The cave can be found, set in the sandstone rock face, down another steep path from the church towards the habour. You pass the community library on your left before reaching the rather mysterious cave entrance, protected by an ornate iron gate.

I ‘met’ St Fillan in this cave on a previous visit whilst walking along the Fife Coastal Path. I was uplifted by our meaningful conversation which I recorded in The Healing Paths of Fife.


The alter, as seen below, is a perfect place in which to reflect on the meaning of life!





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The Healing Paths of Fife by Diana Jackson

coverThe Healing Paths of Fife – a personal Memoir – Fantasy, will be released on Kindle on 20th April 2017.

It can be pre-ordered here in the UK or on Amazon.com.

Part 1 From Redundancy to Rejuvenation has been available in paperback form, but this is the first time that it will be released on Kindle together with

Part 2 Letting Go and Moving On  – released for the first time – both parts as a combined novel:
The Healing Paths of Fife

Here is a description:

Diana walked along the Fife Coastal Path from North Queensferry – beneath the famous Forth Rail Bridge – to St Andrews. While on her way she trod in the footprints of a multitude of pilgrims and famous people through the ages, but she also followed in the steps of ordinary folks of Fife. She ‘met’ some fascinating characters – from St Margaret in Dunfermline to the real Robinson Crusoe, Alexander Selkirk, in Lower Largo.

Diana was enamoured by her beautiful surroundings along these healing paths. As she paused to have a ‘wee blether’ with those she ‘met,’ she learnt a new way of looking at her world, finding values which gave her a blueprint for the next stage in her life and she was fortunate to discover a sense of peace.

The further Diana travelled the more she became absorbed in the history of Fife and her affinity for the area grew.

As you read on you may find yourself ‘walking beside Diana.’ Her experiences might help you with some of the challenges you face in your own life, or they may inspire you to visit the region of Fife and have adventures of your own. Some would call this an allegory but it is certainly a memoir with elements of fantasy. Diana leaves the reader to judge which is which.

Part 1: From Redundancy to Rejuvenation

Serendipity! Diana’s husband’s job temporarily located them to Fife, at the same time as Diana was made redundant from a life time of teaching.

Part 2: Letting Go and Moving on

In order to live her new life to the full, Diana needed to truly let go of much of her old life. That did not mean forgetting her friends and family but finding a new and deeper relationship with them, even at a distance. As she and her husband threw themselves into a community life in Fife, deep down Diana was still searching for her true purpose and with the encouragement of new and old friends alike she ….

ISBN 9780993260834

The Healing Paths of Fife will be available as a paperback through Amazon by the end of April.



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