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Book cover competition ~ Watch This Space

A while back I was approached by a tutor from North Herts College in Hitchin, nhc-logo-190813

not far from where I live. He explained that they were always looking out for opportunities for their students to carry out real projects for local businesses and what did I think of putting forward my book cover as such a project which they could volunteer for.

This idea made me quite excited since I worked in further education for nearly fourteen years until last July and know how important it is for their learning to be embedded in realistic work experience, in order to make their studies meaningful.

I was quite nostalgic to be back in college talking to students as I outlined the specifications required and offered to answer any queries by email. This would give the students an opportunity to learn how to set up a book cover both for an e book and a wrap around cover for a paperback and to follow  the guidelines given, but it also allowed personal interpretation and imagination.

I know from their tutor and emails I’ve received that many have made an attempt, and this experience in itself will not be wasted. I am not surprised however, that only a few have completed the task and submitted their final ideas. To make the challenge more fun we have agreed that there will be a vote held in various places on line; on the college Facebook Page, on Google+, on my Facebook Page and here on my blog. Added to this I will have feedback from my writers’ group, and colleagues and friends not on Facebook. Yes, people like that do still exist. All of the results will be brought together and a winner finally chosen to be announced on 17th March 2014.

I am impressed by the varied submissions so far and look forward to sharing them with you.

For the successful designer this will only be the beginning. Once chosen they will then work with me remotely over the following two weeks to carry out any alterations required and polish it to the format and standard for publication, just as any book cover designer would.

Whatever the final outcome, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the students who have participated and especially to Ben their tutor for his strength to motivate and inspire, especially when you realise that this is added to, and not a part of their day to day coursework.

Tomorrow I will be putting the submitted designs here for you to have a look at. I will be truly grateful for your opinions and any encouragement you can give to the students for their hard work.


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