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Schneider Trophy Victory – 80th Anniversary Celebration 13,14 Sept 2011

I am excited to highlight a special event which hopefully, weather permitting, will take place near Southampton and Portsmouth this week to celebrate:

80th Anniversary of the Schneider Trophy Victory

over the Solent in 1931

On 13th September 1931 the Supermarine  S.6 B  the S1595 made history as pilot Flt Lt Boothman won the Schneider Trophy in the circuit between Calshot, Ryde IOW and Gilkicker. The most prized trophy for amphibean aircraft was finally won outright for Britain.

The full programme is on The Lee Flying Association website.

I will be announcing a photo competition on Thursday so watch this space!

The fly past in honour of the brave pilots from early in the last century has been postponed until Wednesday 14th September 2011 when flying boats and sea planes will fly over Calshot, some even landing on the famous spit, if is is safe to do so.

postscript:  I was quoting ‘Schneider Trophy to Spitfire’ by John Shelton when I named the plane the S.6B but it has been pointed out to me that this should read the S6b


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