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The Journey into Publishing Part 2 ~The Mission Statement of Eventispress

Once you have made the decision to set up your own publishing company you need to make some fundamental decisions:

1. The name of the company. I found the name ‘Eventis’ when browsing through an obscure book of Roman and Greek Deity. I cannot find reference to it on the internet but the book just listed it as a Goddess of opportunity and news. It suited my needs, continuing in my Roman theme for titles, which I will write about in another blog. I really wished I had written down the name of the book now but at the time I was waiting to have a meeting with Mike Buchannan, a man who has set up his own company, in a small library north of Bedford and put the book down just as he arrived.

a.  Carry out a search to see if anyone else is using it

b. Register the name as company (through Company house or other if in another country)

c. Claim your websites. I claimed http://www.eventispress.co.uk and http://www.eventispress.com

2. The Logo. I chose an obscure font for the logo called Marquisette Bin Lined rather than a picture or symbol.

3. Your Vision. For this you need to answer a few questions:

a.What the ethics of your company?

b.What are you striving to achieve and for whom?

c.What is your ultimate motivation? – Seeing your book in print? – Making money? – Finding a readership who appreciates your writing? – Finding like minded writers? – being more in control? – an awareness of environmental issues?……..

d. Are you only going to publish your own books?

e. If the answer to (d) is ‘no’ then who else might you be willing to publish and under what terms.

f. Are you going to publish e books only?

g. If the answer to (f) is ‘no’ then are you going to just go with POD (Print on Demand) or have a print run

h. Are your target audience more likely to buy paperbacks or hardbacks?

i. If you decide on ‘paperbacks’ who is going to sell it? This subject will be a blog in itself but you may decide to keep costs down and have a website in order to send out the books yourself. This has advantages and disadvantages.

j. How do you intend to market the books?

k. Do you hope to get your books into bookshops?

4. Website Have a company website designed. Ours is still in progress although there is a holding page which explains what the company stands for and how to contact. www.eventispress.co.uk

I am sure I could write one hundred questions and there would still be more. If you find this all a bit daunting then I suggest you look back at Part 1 of this series of blogs and find a company who will do all this for you. Taking this step is not for the feint hearted, I can assure you!

And so what is our vision or the mission statement for ‘Eventispress’?

“Eventispress aims to work with experienced people in order to publish professionally produced quality books in paperback, as e books and in some cases in hardback. Once established, the aim is to publish work of local people initially, working more in the form of a cooperative, where the author takes an active part in the experience. Eventispress sells books both on the internet and through bookshops.”


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