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Can you snuggle with a Kindle in bed?

I’ve totally changed my mind about the topic of my blog today having just read a humorous blog from Derek Haines about succumbing to the temptation of buying a Kindle. I’ve never been one to embrace new technology, which is why IT tutors at work laugh with incredulity when they hear me talk of Blogging, Tweeting and linking with Facebook. You see, in some ways I have left them behind!

Having said that I must have been one of the last people in the UK to keep my black and white portable TV oooh back in 19…… and more recently I was certainly one of the last people to have only access to four channels – or was it 5?

But a Kindle. Can you cuddle a Kindle under the covers as you disappear into another world before drifting off to sleep? Hey, can you read a Kindle in the bath with night lights dotted around and a glass of wine close by? What happens on the beach when you get sand in your Kindle? Will it scratch it or get inside the screen, like those irritating little black flies you get in the summer?

Is having a Kindle second best, a bit like watching the Chelsea Flowere Show on TV when you never quite get the full picture of the garden and want the camera to swing back at something you’ve glimpsed and want to focus on? Oh I know! I’ve been told I can now press pause or something or press the red button. Come on! We finally got a digital TV because we had to, at the 11th hour. It doesn’t mean to say I know how to use it. Having said that, I was proud of myself remembering which buttons to press in order to watch the C F Show while I was ironing just now. (talking of which did you know that over 40,000 people in Dorset alone sent TV’s to landfill sites last autumn alone!)

So, although it crossed my mind, I didn’t ask hubby for a Kindle for my birthday. Not this year. I’ll let you know if I succumb next year. How about you?


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