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Writing effective blog posts ~ I suggest you ‘Do as I say and not as I do’

As I was trying to be organised and think through a plan for blog posts for the next month I realised how haphazard I’d been of late, for various reasons and have vowed to try to do better. I’m sure if I were more disciplined I would follow the following:

  1. Write regularly so that your readers get to know you and look forward to your posts. Personally I admit that I’ve been distracted from writing my blogs, from Twitter and from Facebook in the past couple of years. Firstly real life got in the way as we settled into our move to Fife. Then I was spooked by talk of problems of security with Social Media. (could do better)
  2. Be consistent ~ if your readers want to read about the background to writing, or wish to follow a travel journal, browse comments about health or even the best wines, then they search for it.  A blogger needs to find what interests them and share it in the best possible way ~ prose, poetry, photos, diagrams, lists …. (I’m afraid I’ve failed on this one too. My posts are, at present, spasmodic to say the least and flit from subject to subject as the mood takes me.)
  3. Make your themes within your topic clear ~ Using tabs carefully, which helps you to be found on a search engine too incidentally, you can cover a few themes -categories – within your umbrella topic, but your readers should be able to find them easily. (Oh dear ~ I rather like my cloud of many themes to the right hand side of the screen, but with hindsight it would have been best to plan my posts better and restrict the number of categories.)
  4. Use Tabs and Categories ~ always remember to set up these pesky little details. They appear at the bottom of your post and help the reader to find your posts when searching within WordPress but also on Google. (Hooray ~ Yes, I nearly always remember to do this now.)
  5. Always proof read carefully before clicking the final ‘publish’ button. (I hold my hand up here as I sometimes look back on posts and, though I’ve read it through a couple of times, pesky errors have crept in unbidden.) It also helps to schedule the post in a couple of days in advance, giving you time to revisit meanwhile and scrutinise it with fresh eyes.
  6. Not too long ~( I think I’m OK with this one.)
  7. Do your research carefully ~ (yes I’m fairly good at that too)

I’m sure there are many more, but now I’ve remembered that planning and being organised is the key I will attempt to get back on track.

My next post will be to complete a=the long awaited end to a series I began a few months ago ~ A Virtual Walk Along the Fife Coastal Path ~ I will finally write about the last walk (for me) to St Andrews. After that I’ll let you know.

Happy blogging!

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What do ‘Licence to Kill’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ have to do with writing my Blog?

I watched two memorable films over the festive season and surprisingly enough both taught me something about my blog writing. How?

The first was a James Bond, ‘Licence to Kill’ and the second was ‘Mamma Mia’!

I’ll tell you why at the end of the post. Anyway they both certainly got me thinking.

A New Year brings new thinking and planning and since we had visitors into last week and were also coping with after Christmas illness, yesterday was the first time I really thought of my blog. It was beneficial to have a break from all this Social Media and recharge the batteries but it is also good to spend some time reflecting on what I am trying to achieve and think of the way forward.

Questions I asked myself:

1. Am I happy with the look of my blog?

Yes although I intend to change the picture in the spring to reflect my current writing projects.

2. Do I need to update my ‘About Diana Jackson Page’


3. Am I happy with the content of the posts?

I have been writing posts in themes and this has worked quite well, reflected in the clouds of tabs at the side. My topics range from book reviews, book shop reviews, family history, background to writing Riduna, Writing tips and posts about the Channel Islands. I would like a more consistent approach for the first couple of months in the year. I have likened it to the way I garden; a little haphazard, allowing surprises to flourish rather than have regimented, well organised flower beds. This approach may not be to everyone’s taste or be the most effective, but those who have visited and commented on posts have enjoyed them.

4. Do I need to do any more careful planning?

A big yes!

4. How effective do I think I am in reaching my target audience?

I’m not sure here. I am reaching an appropriate audience but am I reaching my potential. Probably not.

5. Having thought honestly about the above what am I going to do about it?

  • Be more consistent in my blog themes.
  • Plan more carefully.
  • Yes, have one off posts occasionally to reflect the moment but otherwise stick to the plan.
  • Start with a theme running through January and February.
  • Review at the end of February.

So back to those two films. I loved being lost in the sheer indulgence of unadulterated entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Pure fantasy! In ‘Mamma Mia’ what struck me most was how much the actors enjoyed themselves. Yes, it was corny and hats off to Pierce Brosnan for singing his own songs. (Yes James Bond in musical) But it left me with that ‘feel good’ factor. I want people to enjoy reading my work but I also want to enjoy writing the posts.

 In ‘Licence to Kill’ I was glued to the scene where James Bond fights with a sea plane pilot in mid air, (One day I’ll fly in one myself, maybe not so daredevil though!)  but the scene focussed my mind on the content for my next couple of months of blogs.

A tough act to follow but watch this space!


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