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Celebrating Scottish Authors ~ Margaret Skea ~ The Turn of the Tide

Turn of theTide

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My next Scottish writer ~ in no particular order I might add ~ is Margaret Skea who lives in the Scottish borders. I ‘met’ her on social media and hope our paths will meet in person in the not too distant future.

Here is my review of ‘Turn of the Tide.

“After avidly reading some of Nigel Tranter’s novels whilst living up in Scotland in 2013 it was a pleasure to read ‘Turn of the Tide.‘ The long lasting feud between the Cunninghams and the Montgomeries in 16th Century Scotland reaches an uneasy truce due to King James but Kate, a character I felt so much empathy for, and her husband Munro endured the burden of past deeds and divided loyalties, leading to tragic consequences for some. The surprise that even enemies can be human and even quite pleasant resonated with me. You feel all the emotions in this well written novel, with language evocative of the period, from the joy of family life to fear, devastating loss and a heightened sense of danger.”

I look forward to Margaret Skea’s next novel ‘Katharina’ which has recently been released.

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