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Thinking and Marketing a Novel outside the Box

During this year I’ve been trying to think of some more unusual ways to reach new audiences for my writing, both on line and in reality. I enjoy meeting and talking to people. It may not be something you like doing, but for me it’s a great way to boost my confidence as well as sales. Here are the most obvious places for booksignings or talks:

  • Bookshops
  • Libraries
  • Talks for Interest Groups eg Historical Societies, ladies groups etc

Where else? This year, as I’ve ventured to some less likely venues, it’s been an interesting and sometimes rewarding experience. I qualify with the word ‘sometimes’ because there have been a couple of occasions when only a few people have turned up, but the thing is to try not to get too disheartened. Not only that but who knows what benefits there maybe in the future. Will people remember your name next time they see it, maybe in the local paper? (Ah, that’s the lady I met at the country fair in Somewhere town!)

Here are some of my more unusual suggestions:

  • A picnic and talk at a key location ~ a handful of us met as the sun was going down on Weston Shore, Southampton ~ It was a truly memorable occasion as we watched a cruise ship depart up Southampton Water, just like in the opening chapter of Ancasta!
  • A Walk and Talk on Alderney ~ I took some friends and family with me and some islanders and holiday makers joined us too. What fun it was to walk and talk in the places Harriet and her family ‘lived,’ my characters from ‘Riduna.’
  • A restaurant ~ many stopped by to tell me their stories
  • A classic car day ~ I attend a good few of such like events with my husband each year and it only cost a tenner for the little stall. Not only did I reach a suitable audience but many stopped to have a chat and I made enough sales to make it worthwhile
  • Haynes 100 ~ a lovely day. Just the right audience and not only did I sell books but I was able to promote my next novel, set in Haynes. Yet again I would have been attending the day with my husband anyway.
  • Pub ~ twice I’ve tried to arrange an occasion in the Yacht Tavern, Woolston. The first we had to call off, the second was an ‘at home’ match. Silly me, being so involved in my writing not to realise……third time lucky they say and as it happens through writing a post on this blog I have reached out to several people and had a lovely email the other day from a policeman who goes into The Yacht and would like me to sign his copy! So, I will certainly be going back there in October.

These are other ideas I’ve had but not brought into reality yet:

  • Village fete
  • Garden Centre
  • Craft Stall

It would be great if you could let me know if you’ve found any of these successful too or suggest any other ideas. What do you do that’s different to reach new readers?


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