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Author Talk a Resounding Success!

Well over thirty people attended my author talk last night in the small village of Clophill in mid Bedfordshire and they were certainly an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. Many had read ‘Murder, Now and Then’ prior to the evening, so it was a tricky balance to talk to them, as well as not to give too many details away to spoil the plot for the others. I sold a good few books too and much was raised for church funds, which was a major purpose of the evening.

As I tried to sleep last night and the adrenaline was still rushing through my body I began to evaluate ‘success.’ Yesterday evening was certainly a resounding success. You could have heard ‘a pin drop’ (if you’ll excuse the cliche) during the video, in the silence of the church. Here’s a link if you have not seen it before.

No one in the audience noticed the imaginary farmhouse superimposed on the countryside near Haynes Park, where the novel is set, not far from Clophill. It was a perfect introduction to the evening. People seemed genuinely interested in my local research and anecdotes about my writing life, asking pertinent questions – but no – I did not answer when asked what the murder weapon was!

It was a success in the way in which the event spread the word about my writing and to hear that copies had been bought and passed around. Isn’t that wonderful!  The comment was made almost apologetically and it made me evaluate why I write. As long as I continue to have that burning desire to write and that feedback from readers is positive, whether they read on Kindle or new, borrowed or second hand paperback or even from the library – I count that as a resounding success. Don’t you?

What do you think?What I love about evenings like that is not only sharing my own story but listening to theirs afterwards.

Anyway I’d certainly like to thank the Clophill folks for being so welcoming!


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