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Who’d have thought it? ~ 60!

images3As I approach my 60th birthday, in between a dream of a lifetime trip to Venice and a quiet celebration with my husband, mum and dad up here in Scotland (God willing), I have been reflecting on my ‘path’ to this moment in time in my writing life.

I have penned stories and poems since my teens for my personal pleasure, much inspired by Mrs Yates, my English teacher to A Level. However, it wasn’t until my late forties, the first time in my life I was made redundant, that I was inspired to write my first novel Riduna, (the Roman name for the Channel Island of Alderney) which was finally published in 2009.


Fort Albert, Alderney

It was on a family holiday to the island of Alderney in fact, that I learnt about my wayward Great Grandmother Harriet. She tragically lost both parents at sea when she was eight, then in her teens she became too much to handle for her grandparents, who ran a public house and guest house, and was shipped off to live with her aunt on Guernsey. Her misdemeanor was allegedly too much fraternising with the soldiers stationed in the newly built forts of this ‘Gibraltar of the English Channel’!


My family history inspired its sequel Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home (Ancasta is the Goddess of the River Itchen, Hampshire), which was published in 2012. Then a series of chance remarks in emails led me to write Murder, Now and Then (published in 2014)a book which linked where I lived in Bedfordshire to the Channel Islands in two time zone murders 100 years apart.


Nellie Rault’s grave in Haynes churchyard, Bedfordshire

That same year Fife beckoned us, with a work transfer for my husband simultaneously to me being made redundant for the second time in my life. The Healing Paths of Fife naturally transpired from this life changing move north to Scotland. It is  a special book for me and a way of saying thank you to my new community, friends and the lovely Kingdom of Fife, which has welcomed us.

…and so in the months leading me up to my 60th birthday I have been writing once more in earnest. This new novel is a very different venture. It is a mystery inspired by social areas of need pertinent to our age, all of which we are all struggling to address. I hope it challenges perceptions but also that the reader warms to the colourful characters.

I will say no more at this stage because it has a few stages to go through before publication, but I am very excited about this project and feel full of hope for my 60th year.

For a more personal reflection on my 60 years visit http://www.selectionsofreflections.wordpress.com in a few days time.

Thanks for all your support!


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Writing Plans for 2016

‘In a nutshell,‘ if you’ll excuse the cliche, my hopes for my writing life for the first quarter of 2016 are:


  • To plan the book launch celebration of my Fife Fantasy, ‘From Redundancy to Rejuvenation ~ A Writer’s Fantasy Walk Along the Fife Coastal Path.’  
  • To promote the book in tourist centres and bookshops around the south east of Scotland
  • To return to blogging. I have two blogs. This one is of all things writerly and my other http://www.selectionsofreflections.wordpress.com will continue with the theme of Pilgrims and Allegories but will be interspersed with stories of my life here in Fife and in our campervan down in the south
  • To get back into the life of social media after a break


  • To begin to support a dear friend and fellow writer to complete her debut novel
  • To focus on social media promotion of new novel/memoir including giveaways
  • To reflect on the business needs and focus of Eventispress and how my move to Scotland will reflect on the direction it will take in 2016


  • To begin to set aside time to write again. (This is a huge one for me having been out of the habit of writing regularly for well over a year!)
  • To support one of our authors in Eventispress to get his book into paperback form

Having just moved from our home in Bedfordshire to our new life back in Fife, Scotland my mind has been preoccupied of late with unpacking boxes, visits to IKEA, helping hubby to build shelves and deciding where to put up pictures – so much so that there has been little room for my writing life. Then there was Christmas and New Year too!

Now the fog in my writing mind has begun to lift, it has been so helpful to begin to plan 2016 and in sharing my thoughts with you it has not only helped me, but this has also become a commitment so I thank you for being there. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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