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A Zoom Writing Retreat — Sally Jenkins

Although lockdown is gradually easing, there are still lots of things we can’t do. Groups meeting together indoors is one of them. This has led to the rise and rise of Zoom, video conferencing software that most of us had never heard of at the beginning of March but now use regularly. I take part […]

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Thanks so much for sharing this Sally. It sounds a way to get disciplined writing habits too!


July 14, 2020 · 6:28 am

Greg Garrett’s Five Essential Films on Race in America

Mixed race relationships:

The second theme discussed in ‘MISSING, Past and Present’

The question of mixed race and issues relating to marriage of people from different religious backgrounds runs seamlessly throughout my recently released novel.  Having worked all of my teaching life in a multicultural society the came naturally to me and so it has been fascinating to see what other bloggers have to say.

Gregg Garratt writes in his vivid account of the portrayal of race in American much loved films:

“Race is hard to talk about and often conversations can become divisive, but film is one of our most important meaning-makers, and American movies have been grappling with race for over a hundred years. Here are five essential films that can help us talk about race by seeing how far we have come as a nation and, perhaps, how far we still have to go.”

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June 5, 2020 · 7:16 pm

2020 and Friendship Over the Pond — Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom

As we watch and wait, viewing the changes around the world as if through a movie,

a thriller even,

and as our life as we know it gradually,

as in the case of us in the UK,

closes in on us;

I pray that we keep safe and healthy

and heed the warnings given by experts

who hold us entranced by their surreal words.

Thank you so much, Pat, for sharing my thoughts about our special on line friendship over the pond; vital in these uncertain and sometimes dangerous times as if battling with this unseen enemy. Hopefully we may retain our vitality for life and even our sense of humour, whatever difficulties we may face. Bless you Dx

Hello and welcome to a new decade and a new look, a work in progress. Here we are nearly a quarter of the way into this New Year and I’m just making my first appearance. 23 more words

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March 17, 2020 · 10:22 am