Diana’s new Mystery inspired by History published February 2020.



‘MISSING, Past and Present’

Following the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Dorothy Gibbons, affectionately known as Lady Pink Hat, trudged the lanes around Drumford homeless and directionless. Alone she rolled a dice, reflecting on times both painful and pleasant. She stumbled upon The Grange which changed the course of her life. In her isolation Dot began to write …

Millie, an 18th Century aspirant nun, ran away from The Grange …

Jamal Hussain, a Syrian refugee and asylum seeker, was fostered under the careful wing of Dorothy until leaving school and finding work. He and his brother settled in a nearby flat until the misguided Ahmed Hussain also disappeared.

With three missing people who will discover the truth?

Is Millie still haunting The Grange until her story is told?


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ISBN: 978-0-9932608-7-2