Murder, Now and Then


This was my first Mystery Inspired by History, Murder, Now and Then; a murder mystery set in the heart of Bedfordshire including links with the Channel Island of Jersey between 1919 and 2019.

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About the book:

It is 1919 and Joanna Thomas, a less than conventional farmer’s wife is accused of murdering her husband, but with no motive or murder weapon uncovered, the likelihood of a speedy conviction is diminishing, much to the dismay of the, soon to retire, Inspector Norton. 
His officers try to placate him whilst uncovering a series of most strange coincidences, all compelling them towards an unsolved murder back in 1919. From no obvious suspects they now have several seemingly unlikely candidates, none with totally believable alibis. 
Whist puzzling over the complexity of this strange case DS Tony Brown and DC Cathy Peterson take a trip to Jersey, but losing their lead they return, just as the case turns decidedly sinister. 
Could an unsolved murder in Haynes, Bedfordshire back in 1919 really have a bearing on this case? ‘

‘Murder Now and Then’ can also be ordered through any UK bookstore:

                                              ISBN: 978-0-9572520-8-0

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