The Story of Nellie Rault’s Grave ~ Lives on!!!

Nellie Rault’s grave in Haynes churchyard

Nellie Rault’s unsolved murder back in 1919, one hundred years ago, inspired my murder mystery Murder Now and Then set in two time zones, 1919 and 2019.  As I explained in my talk the other day, Nellie continues to haunt me in various ways with unsolved mysteries today including a strange email from the Luton Paranormal Society!  When I first found her grave in St Mary’s churchyard Haynes, Bedfordshire, her cross was at such a precarious angle, it looked as if she was trying to get out. If you look closely at this photo the horizon is not horizontal ~ the ground is actually flat and not sloping at all ~ I’ve turned the camera off kilter!


When a friend of mine went looking for Nellie’s grave a couple of months back, to his dismay the cross has fallen over altogether. After asking me if I’d be interested in helping to raise the money to restore it, which I immediately said yes to, he wrote to the parish council. He had a nice email back saying that, because it is a Commonweath War Grave from WW1, the commission would visit and lay the stone flat on the ground.

Much to my friend’s surprise he received another email a couple of weeks ago saying that Nellie’s grave had been mysteriously restored

Nellie Rault’s grave restored

in the night and that the Parish Council had no idea who the benefactor was. I promise it wasn’t me but nevertheless I’m pleased it is restored so well. Above is a photo of the grave is in all its glory! The ground is flat as you can see.

Murder Now and Then can be ordered from Waterstones or bought from Amazon.

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£405.43 Raised for local charities

The running total raised by profits of my paperback The Healing Paths of Fife is now over £400!! Charities benefiting have included Kinghorn Community Library, Kinghorn Lunchclub and the Kinghorn Playparks scheme.

More recently nearly £100 has been raised for The Kirkcaldy Foodbank which covers the area as far as Burntisland to provide much needed food for those struggling to cope. A growing need, sad to say.

Yesterday, (I’m bursting into song here) I gave a talk to the ladies of the Adam Smith Probus Group, a very welcoming and appreciative audience. They meet in the auspicious venue of The Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy, a building with such a wonderful atmosphere, stained glass windows filling me with a sense of awe as I spoke. After which, these lovely ladies added over £50 to my total raised in their generosity to buy copies.

If you are having a Christmas Fair in the area and would not mind me having a wee table to raise more money for the Foodbank please send me an email:

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Book Launch ~ a Positive Postponement

A sense of peaceI had intended to launch my new novel this autumn. This promise has been hanging over me until just now, when I read one of my favourite blogs for information, hints and advice regarding self publishing.


It suddenly set me free. I’m nowhere near ready for a book launch this autumn and I suddenly decided to postpone it.

Family matters have been taking up 90% of my time of late and in the end family comes first. Instead of being disappointed it has made me quite excited, because out of the fog of indecision and thanks to I now have a plan to follow.

You see, I’ve been going to write a plan for weeks now, but I have just never found the time or the space to think.

I hope my new novel will be published in the spring of next year but meanwhile I’ll let you know each step I’m taking to make it ready. Instead of being depressed about this I feel empowered.

I hope this post can be an encouragement to others.

best wishes



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